It’s abOUT, not abOOT!

Carrie is a 23 year old taken (but still fabulous) student who has lived in this city for over 9 years… not by choice, but she’s learning to like it. As comfortable in scrubs as she is in heels, Carrie’s life and love is the city; the capital of Canada.

She’s a 3rd year nursing student at the local college/university – thus you may or may not have passed her on campus or at the mall ridiculously close to campus. Think about it. As such she sometimes doesn’t blog for a while… until exam period rolls around and she manages to procrastinate by blogging, gym-ing and cleaning her room.

She’s a self-and-others-proclaimed gym rat. If you attend group exercise classes, Carrie’s the one at the front with no shame.

Carrie is currently dating Corporate, her high-school sweetheart who ended their 3 year relationship after running away to university 2 hours away…over the phone. But if you check out her archives you’ll read how he managed to win her back through dinners, drinks, dancing and other forms of physical activity.

Speaking of relationships, Carrie has had two (yes 2) ex-boyfriends that she has had to call the police on to leave her alone. Don’t ask her WHY and/or HOW this happened; she has no idea. Carrie also mentions Toronto (aka Paris), a man she’s had an on-again-off-again relationship with because, as it turns out, he’s a total emotional fuckwit.

Carrie has a number of wonderful girlfriends that she referrs to in this blog. Most of them read it and know who they are and much more regarding the story that she manages to remember and type. But like all blogs, or most of them at least, names have been changed to protect the innocent and the stupid. Even her name has been altered – she chose a nickname that only a select few choose to call her.

Carrie is currently in the process of obtaining a hypoallergenic cat for Christmas. She has already named him George Michael Horatio Bluth-(her last name). Did she mention that she was slightly neurotic/crazy?

In closing, Carrie’s the type of girl who you’d probably get along with quite well… because she’s a diplobrat and hates confrontation.

Carrie also really loves fedoras.

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4 Responses to “It’s abOUT, not abOOT!”

  1. I know your nursing type! Always running around Campus asking people if you could draw their blood or taking urine samples. Can you say awkward?

    “Hey, I’d really like your phone number”.

    “Oh yea? I’d rather just take a urine sample”.

    Just a word of advice. If it’s your first attempt ever at drawing blood, don’t wait until the needle is inside of us to say so 😉

  2. Have a nice day !

  3. Carrie, I found your blog through Fuel My Blog, which took me to your other spot, and then hopped on over here to catch a glimpse of your new look.

    Looks great, and I wish you the best in your new found home.

  4. emotional fuckwit, LOL, nice

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