5$ Shawarma & Other Ways To Sell Your Soul

Last night (I am well aware that last night was Monday) my voice teacher, let’s call her Elizabeth, and I went down to Zaphods to watch local rock bands play to an intimate and interesting crowd.  Let’s face it; anyone who goes out drinking on a Monday night in Ottawa has to be interesting; and by interesting I mean weird.  Anyways on our way down the Market we passed by Marroush’s Shawarma shop; right on the corner of Rideau and Dalhousie.  Elizabeth turned to me as the smell of chicken and spices filled our nostrils and asked me if I knew the Marroush’s on Elgin Street, formerly the Sens Mile, and their infamous ‘book’. 


Of course, being close to 24 and nowhere near a cougar, I said no.  I haven’t been to the bars down Elgin Street since I turned 20.  For those of you who don’t live in Ottawa, the bars closer to the police station on Elgin Street tend to be dominated by first year undergrads with a collective age of 19 and a collective maturity level of an angry-emo 13 year old.  Sure, if I was a guy looking for an easy lay; it would be heaven on earth.  But, as a 23 year old stubborn independent workaholic with a penchant for 4 inch stilettos who takes less and less crap on a daily basis; it sure as hell doesn’t sound like a good time.


But I digress; Elizabeth went on to inform me that the Marroush’s on Elgin Street has a ‘book’ complied from all the late late nights on Elgin of girls who were so drunk that they performed fellatio in exchange for a free shawarma. 


Let me say that again, just in case you missed it like I did: there is a book FULL of pictures of drunk girls performing oral sex in exchange for a 5$ shawarma. 


I looked at Elizabeth in pure unadulterated shock.  I mean… if I was ever I drunk, and I mean that drunk, as in that drunk girl who can’t stop saying ‘I’m soooo drunk!’ … you’d have to take me to the fucking hospital; I wouldn’t even be able to stand, let alone … well, you know.   And for a nasty 5$ shawarma that truthfully costs those men pennies on the dollar?


To think that those girls, thinking that they are exercising their new found liberation, allowed themselves to be taken advantage of in exchange for …. Well, for nothing.  And to have photographic evidence of probably the stupidest thing they’ve done in their young lives?


After hearing and digesting such a story, I got to thinking about the generation after me, the 18-19 year olds who are just starting to embrace the young adult culture with an all-too trusting mind.  I mean, they’re growing up with Sex and the City on TBS instead of good old HBO, with raunchy movies and Girls Gone Wild as guidelines on acceptable ways to behave.  Ok, perhaps acceptable is the wrong term, but it could still provide a misconception to young women that it’s what ‘everyone’ is doing, and if you’re not following suit you’re a prude. 


It’s one thing to make out or hook up with someone… Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of hook ups, embarrassing moments and forgotten/secret lovers… but there is a line between being on the prowl and being the prey.  I think Marroush’s book is a perfect example that although it’s 2008, women are still the prey, no matter how we act or convince ourselves that we’re not.


So how do we avoid this?  How do we start to pull back from the rauch culture we’ve created?  Simple: look to the past.  There’s a famous quote that refers to looking back at history to prevent future mistakes, and while in Chapters this Sunday with my mom and dad, I found the perfect example of how the future generation can be molded back into ladies in the truest sense of the word.  The book is called “What Would Audrey Do?” and I think it’s my new motto for my 20-something summer (a summer where I neither get engaged, nor pregnant, nor buy a condo).


I just hope that the girls in Marroush’s book can get a new start (let’s face it: after something like that no start can be fresh or clean) in their journey towards lady-ship… with WWAD in the back of their heads.


~ by Carrie on May 27, 2008.

39 Responses to “5$ Shawarma & Other Ways To Sell Your Soul”

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever eat a Shawarma from any Marroush’s ever again. That story actually makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. […] this here. […]

  3. if this wasn’t written in text on the internet, i’d think it was an urban legend!

  4. Maroush; the best middle-eastern fair, for shawarmas and donairs (and REALLY cheap gooners)

  5. That’s scary. I think the book ‘Female Chauvinist Pigs’ might be something you’d be interested in. Too much raunch in our culture, indeed.

  6. I heard about this but it wasn’t quite extreme as fellatio. I’m thinking it was flashing the bra or something. Not that it makes it ok but I find that to be WAY more believable.

  7. Wow, that’s totally disgusting.
    I’ve never eaten there myself, but will warn others against them. I second “Female Chauvinist Pigs” – this story belongs in the book!

  8. @ aaajblog ~ Me too; whether or not it’s embelished on what pictures they have. It’s digsusting.

    @ Fourth Dwarf ~ I too thought it was an urban legend; and who knows? The stories might be embelished but I tend to trust my friends. At the same time, I don’t really want to find out for myself, and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll confirm and show me the book, you know, being a girl and all.

  9. @ Kyla ~ Hey girl. I will def. look that book up to read, for sure!

    @ Tiana ~ I’ve heard all kinds of stories about Maroush on Elgin, but this was by far the worst. And it was the 2nd time I’ve heard the fellatio story, so at the very least it was enough to make me angry. I find the flashing pictures more believable, however… who really knows nowadays?

    @ Em ~ I wouldn’t know first hand myself (thank God) but… with so many rumours like this circling the city, one has to wonder how much truth is in them.

  10. Now I have no qualms with using your body/ talents to get what you want, but after googling Shawarma, why would you ever want on of those? They look disgusting.

  11. Makes me wonder what they would do for a 5 course meal … with wine. There is a lot of raunch out there and much of it is too publicly available … pictures of dancers by the door of a strip club, signs for personal massage parlours … all out in the open and visible for youth to see. Television has also become a place of very obvious double entendres.

    I am not a prude by any means and all of these examples do not bother me or affect me in any way. I just feel it is a sad reflection of our society in general and a bad example to set for the kids.

  12. Thats some special garlic sauce

  13. We used to get loaded and eat schwarmas from that joint singing “Marroush, Marroush, Marroush is on fire” like that silly song. I heard of this book too, but the version I heard was that it was a book of girls who flashed for shwarmas. Not much better, I know…
    Really though, I think the girls will be OK. We were, and we were raised on pop culture no different from them, it’s only a 4 or 5 year age gap, no? We all have nights we’d rather forget!

  14. “performing oral sex in exchange for a 5$ shawarma”
    and you are right, girls only 4-5 years old seem to be wayy different

  15. What’s wrong with fair trade?

  16. I have mistakenly seen said book……. Went in to get shawarma after the bar and there were some guys trying to hide and grool at the same time. I happend to catch more then just flashing. Needless to say I haven’t eaten there since.

  17. Having had a schwarma in the Middle East, I was somewhat expecting a post about them.

    Although not really what I was expecting, totally agree with you. Actually, something that I wouldnt have even dreamt would be happening (exchange for a schwarma)

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  19. Wow. Just wow.
    It sounds kind of like the Girls Gone Wild thing, though– one stupid drunk girl decided to get on her knees for shawarma/take off her shirt in a bus, then all the sudden everyone wanted in. I can’t decide any other reason any food is worth that.
    And, I will also recommend Female Chauvinist Pigs!

  20. My twins finished kindergarten today and will be 1st graders in 2 months. Many times I have worried what will be normal and acceptable behavior when they get older. After reading this, I am even more worried.

  21. I work at SIN and your view about the bars on Elgin is beyond inaccurate…

  22. and to comment on ‘what girls have done for free Shawarmas’,

    The guys at the Maroush are nice, hardworking guys who are all about providing entertainment and putting on a show for the drunk people (both male and female). You’d often see lights flicking on and off, music blasting, people clapping / cheering and even people dancing on the tables!!

    On rare occasions, girls do get a bit ‘naughty’ and show some skin and that’s as far as it goes. When the shop is closed, those guys snap out of the character and are just normal people.


  23. and PS:

    If Maroush (the owner) was such a raunchy pervert who’s always ‘fucked out of his mind’, I doubt he would’ve accomplished 2 very successful Shawarma joints in Ottawa as well as a few in Montreal and Toronto.

    And honestly, if a girl is willing to perform oral sex for a free Shawarma, SHAME ON HER.

  24. @ dj_ilon ~ Thanks for stopping by; that’s the beauty of having an opinion and a forum to discuss said opinion. It’s just that; my opinion, and it is what it is.

    Maybe the bars on Elgin st have changed in the past 3 years – still doesn’t make me want to go there. It’s my choice and I’m sticking to it, but a lot of my girlfriends go every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and have a great time.

    I don’t know the owner – and managing people, in whatever business you own, has to be the hardest job in the world. I’m sure he’s very successful and has done well for himself; however, wouldn’t he be upset/worried at all the rumours like the one above regarding his successful business? Or is that what draws more people in? Either way those rumors are out there, and even if he’s not that person we see… “it’s not who you are underneith. It’s what you DO that defines you.” And if the rumours are true… well, actions speak louder than words.

    I’m not saying that the girls who do whatever it is they do for free shawarma are totally innocent. Absolutely not. They give us all a bad name and further a harsh and cruel stereotype. No one is without fault in this situation; it’s a collective fault that I’m trying to convey.

  25. Carrie,

    Don’t mean to attack you but…

    “For those of you who don’t live in Ottawa, the bars closer to the police station on Elgin Street tend to be dominated by first year undergrads with a collective age of 19 and a collective maturity level of an angry-emo 13 year old. Sure, if I was a guy looking for an easy lay; it would be heaven on earth. But, as a 23 year old stubborn independent workaholic with a penchant for 4 inch stilettos who takes less and less crap on a daily basis; it sure as hell doesn’t sound like a good time.”

    Doesn’t seem to be an ‘opinion’, sounds more like a ‘statement’.

    At any rate, I’ll ask Maroush tonight about it. I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂

  26. this book has been legend for quite a while now. I won’t even go there anymore because not only does thisd happen the heckling is disgusting in order for the girls to do it..

  27. @ dj_lion ~ No worries: that’s why I put “tend to be” in there. I might as well be wrong and more power to you if you can show me otherwise. If I am wrong then I will stand corrected and admit to having a skewed conception of the latter end of Elgin street. However, so far, from what I’ve seen/experienced and what my girlfriends have told me, my opinion stands.

    Of course, these things change; nothing is set in stone, especially the nightlife of a city. We’ll see how this goes, n’est pas?

  28. @ s ~ hi! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion and experience. I keep hearing more and more stories from people like you, and it’s sad because Elgin st used to be so much fun 😦

  29. @ Princess Pointful ~ Yeah.. it’s like the blind leading the blind… whatever happened to thinking for ourselves?

    @ Michael C ~ It’s exactly why little girls need their daddies to be the best men they can be; because in the end, they are the only men we can always rely on. Like in Grease!

  30. @ Dj T ~ Well… Going on your concept of ‘fair trade’, we’ve gone from diamonds to shawarma. That’s not fair. I’m not condoning it either way, but seriously.

    @ eeewww ~ Hi. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. It makes my post all the more relevant, because it’s NOT just some stupid crazy rumour flying around.

  31. @ Scotty ~ Neither would I. Neither would I.

    @ anothertwentysomething ~ hey girl. Oh totally do I ever have nights I’d rather forget, but nothing as ridiculous or regret-bearing as what I’ve been hearing about nowadays. I can’t help but wonder and worry…

  32. @karachiwali ~ hi! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion. Isn’t it odd how different a few years can make a generation? Now I know how my parents feel, and I’m only 23!

    @ Duchess ~ They are actually pretty good if you go to the right place. There is a stand near my work that makes damn good Shawarma. But… not good enough for that. hellz no.

  33. @ George ~ Hi darling. I agree; I’m not a prude by any means, at least, not by my definition of prude; but as my convo with dj_lion shows, definitions and perspectives vary. It is for sure a sad reflection of our society… and we wonder why other countries look down upon us.

    @ Marc ~ … ha ha ha ha … ha!

  34. Wow…that makes me so sick. Pop culture definately went downhill and you, along with many others, are right that its scary to see what girls just a couple years younger grow up thinking is ok. I like the WWAD motto, I am going to use it too

  35. @ Ruby ~ It’s an awesome logo; I’m really happy to have found the book at Chapters. It’s really great – I highly recommend it!

  36. I’ll start sending money to your country, since the women are so poor they have to suck cock for lamb.

  37. Wow! Yep, I’m shocked. I just keep thinking that at some point those pics may come back to haunt those girls. I like the new motto, what would Audry do? Certainly not what any of those girls have done.

  38. Pray tell the ladies understand that the “d’ in “WWAD” refers to what she would “do”, not “drink”, because if they mix the two up, your efforts have been in vain and the Schwarma wins….

  39. @ Chris ~ Thanks… but no thanks. How about Myanmar?

    @ Carla ~ Seriously; in this day and age when anyone can find out anything about… anyone; it’s not a good idea to .. well. Yeah.

    @ Evans ~ I didn’t think of it that way; good call. I know Audrey enjoyed her Scotch and ciggies…

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