The Sound of (My) Music

If there is one thing, and only one, that I truly cannot live without, that one thing would be music.  At work I’ve managed to have a constant stream of classical music through Live 365 . com.  It used to be my iPod until I had a co-worker asked another co-worker if the woman I was listening to (Elizabeth Schwarzkopf) was in pain.  Anyway, in response to Michael C’s inquiry if other people have a running soundtrack to their lives, I would like to introduce everyone to my running soundtrack – in case you needed other music to listen to while skimming reading my blog.


During the school year, especially this last year, the theme from Mission:Impossible (circa 1998 pre-insanity Tom Cruise) was my constant companion.  At other times the 2000 Charlie’s Angels theme better fit the circumstances, as there were 3 girls in my Community Health project and most – if not all of our time – was spent together.  We’re now great friends, as what so often happens to people who’ve survived horrible situations.


Whenever a certain co-worker, who’ve I had the pleasure of calling a douche bag to his face and to my boss, calls in sick for the evening, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf’s rendition of Mozart’s Alleluia  is either stuck in my head or coming out of my mouth.  And considering that is my piece for a June concert, rightfully so.  When the work-day at my office job seems too much to bear, and during the winter months of school seemed never ending and a double murder-suicide was within arms reach, Jon Bon Jovi’s acoustic version of Livin’ On A Prayer kept my head in the game and the anger at bay. 


For inspiration at Muay Thai, 2000 Charlie’s Angels theme makes a come back.  There are 3 of us in Muay Thai, making the percentage of males 97% and females 3%.  One night during a particularly hard training session, I told my training partner to ‘unleash her inner Charlie’s Angel’.  As a result we decided that’s she’d be Cameron Diaz and that I’d of course be Lucy Liu – because I’m ethnic.  She really got a kick out of that.  The other girl would be Drew Barrymore because she often trained with the guys.  It’s pretty bitchin, I’m not going to lie.


Whenever yours truly is in the shower, or alone at any other time, Christine Daae’s – as sung by Emmy Rossum – songs from The Phantom of the Opera is what you’ll normally hear coming out of my mouth.  My particular favourites are Angel of Music – reprise and any other short song that I can quickly finish and shut up before someone hears me.  Sarah Brightman’s version of O Mio Babbino Caro is also a nice way to wake up those vocal cords – and neighbours, especially mine who like to smoke at all times of the night and fight like there is no tomorrow.


Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon’s rendition of Jackson is a nice way to spend a Sunday walking around the Market and hearing the Buskers play for pennies.  Dave Matthew’s Bands famous Bartender is also a nice way to walk through the Market – drunk, and with McDonald’s in your hand after a late night of drinking and dancing.   On the dancing note, a CD burned for me with Metric vs. Gorlliaz is pretty ballin’ to listen to in general- no particular song is better than another.  Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough is a great way to start a party, while DMB’s Lover Lay Down might be the way to end a party as well… ahem. 


An ambient afternoon calls for ambient music, and Unbound by Robbie Robertson, burqua by Costanza, and Teardrop by Massive Attack are all Buddha Bar worthy tracks.  Center of the Sun by Poe and Conjure One is a great yoga track in the mornings, and U2’s Walk On is a nice way to leisure walk after a long day, but Bullet with Butterfly Wings by the Smashing Pumpkins is one hell of a way to power walk to wherever you need to go.


As you can tell, I can keep going and going and going when it comes to music and my life.  Now tell me, what is the soundtrack to your life?


~ by Carrie on May 12, 2008.

24 Responses to “The Sound of (My) Music”

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  2. What a fantastic list Carrie! I LOVE it all! I’m totally downloading songs as I read this. Thanks so much Carrie…for the music of the night…

  3. Happy Nursing Week Carrie!


  4. I’ve heard of like 4 of those!!!!

  5. BTW, I WILL be adding you to my blogroll the next time I update. And now that I have told you that, I suppose I should update it very quickly.

  6. Interesting choices. I find myself going through the day finding appropriate tunes to go with the happenings of the day as well. I find a lot of 80’s metal tunes usually as I am an avid listener to XM’s Boneyard.


  7. You referenced JBJ. I love you even a little bit more today.

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  10. @ David ~ OMG… I ❤ you!!

    @ B ~ Happy Nursing Week to you too!!!!

  11. @ Michael C ~ Wicked. It’s always nice to be introduced to new music (which, btw, you did for me too!). And yay blogroll!

    @ Complaints Department ~ Hi! Thanks for stopping by and not lurking! 80s music is rockin’; but then I start to imagine that I’m in The Breakfast Club and then all of a sudden it’s 5:00 and nothing has been done.

    @ brandy ~ ❤ JBJ; ❤ you!

  12. Excellent. I really do love the idea of a soundtrack to our lives.

  13. I miss you! You gotta stop dodging our outings 😦 does Saturday morning work for ya?

  14. Are you still allergic?
    Because I was gonna go over and bring the summer bf to test him out on your kitty.

  15. How are things going? I miss you! You have another niece…her name is Tiki. I posted some pics!

  16. are you free this weekend?

  17. I can’t say there is a soundtrack, it’s more like Moulon Rouge in my head! A different chorus or set of lyrics will flit through my conscience as I walk through each experience.

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  19. Interesting song selections carie 🙂 Although, I must admit, you will find everything from Beethoven to eminem on my ipod, so I’m not one to judge anybody’s musical tastes!

    Have a great day neighbor to the north!

  20. I definitely think that life would be better with background music. I have a soundtracek to my life as well… yourself it includes Bon Jovi, musicals, country music, among others. My ipod contains a little bit of everything and yes, the includes some Jessica Simpson from back in the day….

  21. I love thier version of Jackson!!!

  22. @ K ~ Me too! I’ve got everything on my iPod that I can’t seem to categorize my taste in music into a neat little package.

    @ Mandy ~ Hi1 Thanks for stopping by! I too have an old single of Jessica Simpson… there. I said it.

    @ a life uncommon ~ ME TOO. LOVE IT.

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