when all else fails, just have a beer

It’s 2:48 am.  I have an exam at 9:30 am in Community Health Nursing, the bane of my existence for the past 8 months.  And I. CAN’T. SLEEP.

Am I freaking out because of this exam?  Not really… I should be, but I’m not.  I past the point of caring about CHN a long long long long time ago… as in when my former teammates plagiarized and were NOT punished for it, but I was scolded because I was a poor team player? Yeah… seriously.

Am I freaking out because I’m trying to figure out how to pay for Danni Heatley?  Not really… I’ve got it in the bag.  Hey, most students are in debt, right?  They didn’t say it was ALL from educational costs… ahem.

Am I freaking out because in 2-3 months I have to move out of my apartment and NOBODY is getting back to me about places, and I found this ADORABLE one and now I really really want it?  … Ok kind of, but it’s no reason to elevate my persistent initial insomnia.

Am I freaking out because my former gem to fall asleep to, CNN and warm milk, is far too interesting to not pay attention to AND in February I found out that I was lactose intolerant?  Yeah… I’m 23 and this is the first I’ve heard of it from a health professional.  My large intestine, no doubt, has been screaming it at me for years, but I am so stubborn I don’t even listen to myself.  And I love cheese.  Mmm… cheese.

So strolling to the kitchen and opening my fridge was the only thing I could think of as my brain attempts to consolidate the information jammed in this lovely afternoon with a nursing friend and lo and behold, what do I see?  My good friend Alexander Keith, in a lovely new red bottle.

Oh, hello Mr. Keith’s.  Haven’t seen you in a while.  Oh, hello Steamwhistle.  Kick ass St. Paddy’s day party in Toronto, by the way.  

Now, halfway through the bottle with 6 and a half hours to go to writing time, 3 and a half to go before my alarm is set to go off, and no where near sleep… I make my triumphant semi-return to the blogging world.

At least nothings changed, eh? 


~ by Carrie on April 21, 2008.

15 Responses to “when all else fails, just have a beer”

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  2. Ha, I love that you’re posting comments when drunk. Well done yo! Lactose intollerant? No way, I would hate that. No ice cream and such. Soy ice cream just isn’t the same. Can you still have dairy in smaller doses? I’m dying to know. Sorry about The Sens.

  3. Absolutely!! YEMEN!

  4. Lactose intolerants raise the roof! Lol Buy the pills from shoppers or Walmart and you’ll be set to enjoy all the milk and cheese you like – I found out I was lactose intolerant when I was 21, and knowing what the problem is goes a long way in making you feel better! And having one pill with a dinner so you have no symptoms is way better than not having a pill and then feeling like you’ll die an hour later.

    As for apartments, good luck! And good luck with the insomnia – sounds like you definitely have enough on your plate to keep you up! Hope AK treats you well, and that your exam goes well too! ; )

  5. I could die from eating too much cheese, and it would all be worth it.

  6. Your exam is probably finished now – hope it went well! I’m lactose intolerant as well…but I just suffer through the pain. Some things are worse than others – like creams kill me but a bit of cheese is ok.

  7. Hi Beauty … nice to see another post from you. I have some news for you … it’s going to take a LOT more than Heatley to help your hockey team.

    Your apartment quest can’t be an easy one, living in a city where a small, small apartment might only cost 1 arm, no legs.

    The exam … I have confidence that you’ll ace it.

  8. You’re almost done!!!

  9. Yes, it’s always good to have a constant.

  10. Well, selfishly, we’re happy to see you at least.
    2-3 months is no problem, my dear. Trust me, I just went through it…

  11. I remember feeling so archetype when I was studying in school, making the deliberate choice to drink a beer at the same type. It felt just right and at that point I think it was the only beverage on hand by which to hydrate myself, but still, there’s some comfort in the cliche no? Good luck with your exams, your apartment search and your kitten!

  12. Good luck. I certainly don’t miss those days. But rest assured, it’s always something.

  13. I hope you did well on the exam!!

  14. molson’s I presume? 🙂

  15. I laughed at the “most students are in debt and it’s not all from educational costs” comment. I SO GET YOU! 😉

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