Kung Fu Carrie

I may have mentioned before that in January of this year I joined a Kung Fu club here in lovely Ottawa.  Back in the 8th and 9th grade, and even a little bit of 10th grade, I was a member of another club in Ottawa that taught a less-known form of martial art; and got to the 6th level (out of 8).  I had to stop for various reasons – my ankle was giving out, my school was getting in the way, my dad couldn’t drive the 20+ minutes out there right after work, etc etc… but my love of martial arts never faltered through my off years.

Of course, looking at me you wouldn’t guess that I – a 5’2 124 lb girl would be interested in the sport; especially the re-surgance of it through programs like UFC’s Ultimate Fighter and the UFC’s octagon pay per view fights and whatnot.  Plus movies like “Never Back Down” (which I don’t mind watching since it’s the hot sweaty fit half nakedness of the men that also attracts me to the sport… ahem) has drawn back the attention to a semi- hidden art, mostly reserved for men.I say that because in the 3 months I’ve been a student at this club, I’ve seen 4 women; myself included.  Ladies; if you want to spend some time with the opposite sex, join a martial arts club.  Seriously.  Not only that, you will get a KILLER work out and some killer skills, pardon the pun.  Every time I finish a session – and they are intense, mind you – I feel on TOP of the world.  I am sweaty, I am gross, I am breathless, I am tired, I am thirsty, and I smell.  Of VICTORY.

I’m writing this to share the love I’ve found of learning a skill like martial arts.  It teaches discipline over the body and the mind, and of the mind over the body.  During the last 10 or so minutes of the class there are MANY times when I think that my heart will literally explode out of my chest but get trapped in my awesome lululemon bra and then my goodness what a mess that would be to clean up… but then I keep going from a positive thought in my head or a positive word from an instructor, a Sifu, or a classmate (again, probably a guy).  So I keep going – and keep getting better.

Who wouldn’t want to do that, not just in this class, but in life?

Plus every so often you move up to a coloured sash, and they are quite pretty.  But don’t tell my Sifu that… he’d kick my ass.

Happy Friday!



~ by Carrie on March 7, 2008.

17 Responses to “Kung Fu Carrie”

  1. oh carrie i wish i could go with you! that sounds like a ton of fun. a great release which i could use. plus i love to meet men.

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  3. It is not only great for the body but for the mind as well. The Diva’s dad is really into it as are a few other friends. They are very centered people and confident! (And all men!)

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  6. Well, I’m not gonna do anything to piss you off now

  7. What the hell’s a lululemon? Sounds like a drink.

    Good for you Carrie, sounds like a great way to get fir and control stress.

  8. Wow…I’ve never had such a great description of it. it almost makes me want to try. I’m not sure how my knee would take it…

  9. I use to take martial arts years ago I never got passed my white belt LOL but I agree great workout! I hope one day to return to it 🙂

  10. Carrie, you are so “finger on the pulse” with this. The sport is about to reappear on American TV, Saturday nights, on CBS…and if it’s on tv it MUSt be good…you are like the Elsa Klinch of the martial arts world!

  11. Carrie kicks ass!!! Hmmm, think I’ll maybe have to give these martial art classes a go!

  12. You have mega impressed me, lady.
    Now I just need to actually get inspired… and less busy.

  13. I would love Love LOVE to take on some type of marial arts … especially for the discipline!

    Good for you!

    LOL @ the lululemon comment 😛

  14. Interesting. I studied a mix of Hsing I Chuan/Ba Gua and Tai Chi for years before I joined the US Army. I was really good at it. Now that I’m out of the military, I plan on picking it back up. I love martial arts (Kung Fu). I take it very seriously. Also, my wife and I are planning on moving to Canada, so it’s good to know that there are martial art schools in Canada. But I’m only looking for traditional Chinese Kung Fu.

  15. When I was younger I tried my hand at Tai Kwan Do, but I never finished it. The teacher was a real asshole both in and out of the classroom and so it was really hard to listen to him. Ninth class in, I yelled at him, told him he was a stupid, self-involved space cadet and just walked out. He yelled that I needed to learn how to show respect and the thought has always bugged me. Did I quit because I didnt know how to show respect? I’ve always wanted to take another class with a different teacher and see if it was true, but so far, I havent even given much thought about it…until now…

  16. I suppose learning a martial art solely for the sake of meeting men would be lame, right?

    Oh well. I’ll stick to yoga / spinning for now and save my dignity.

  17. Carrie, I’m so glad you found something that you do. I don’t think I could make it through the first ten minutes of a class without collapsing so I am very impressed with you. I always thought some sort of marial arts would be fun (a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but I so don’t have the dicipline.

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