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Sidebar: just to let you know I can triumphantly say that I have returned to my normal dreams of fighting mean girls in the UFC’s octagon, so all is well in Carrie’s dream world.  

On with the post!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  Or as I used to call it, Single and Fabulous day.  I hope everyone is eating too much chocolate and drinking too much wine, and I hope you’re doing it at my restaurant and leaving me a good tip for working on V-day away from my sweetie!

But in all seriousness – this will NOT be a so-called typical Valentine’s Day post.  Quite frankly I don’t feel like writing one, and you probably don’t feel like reading yet ANOTHER one.  So today, let’s talk about…  Hey, you know what?  I think I am going to talk about my beloved city – my home and native land; Ottawa.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada.  It’s situated between Toronto and Montreal – as in English Canada and French Canada. Queen Victoria, in probably the first famous ‘Canadian’ moment, chose Ottawa as the capital of Canada because of it’s geographic equity between the two bustling cities (and others in between) vying for the honoUr.

Our Parliament buildings (shown above during Christmas) ie the government and the majority of its branches are in Ottawa-Gatineau.  Thus the city wakes and sleeps on government time, which depending on which area you work in may start at 9 and end at 4 or be 24/7.  Either way the citizens of Ottawa are well cared for as we’ve lucked out with the country’s best employer – our country.  It’s also most likely the only nation in the world where you can play frisbee on the front lawns of our law-makers office and maybe even have an MP (member of Parliament) join you in a few tosses!

Ottawa (and her annexed mini cities of Kanata, Nepean and Far-haven Barrhaven)  has close to 1.5 million people.  We don’t really know how many people are here so I am just taking a wild guess.  So contrary to popular belief we are NOT a small town.  We’re just spacious.  Each high rise and low rise apartment buildings have enough space between them for us to live comfortably – close enough to know you’re there, but far enough when we don’t want you around.   There is a growing night life in the Market, Elgin Street, and just emerging Westboro.  We have the NAC, the GCTCCenterpointe and other smaller theatres full of local, national and international talents sweeping in.  We have the Ottawa Senators and the Ottawa 67s, we have Race weekends and the worlds widest skating rink.  There are shopping malls, boutiques, skating rinks and pubs galore.   We have lovely museams and other cultural activities that make a capital a capital.Yeah – sometimes we locals say that there is nothing to do – but that’s why Montreal is 2 hours away by car 😉

On the flip side – Ottawa is also pretty laid back.  Ottawans are generally friendly.  Busy, but friendly.  We tend to mind our own business, but if you stop to talk to us chances are you’ll strike up a conversation somewhere.  We’re also great with directions; we can tell you where to go, or if we’re heading in that direction, we’ll show you where to go.  You can live downtown in relative peace, only hearing the occasional siren or drunk street racers.   You can walk in relative safety – so long as you avoid the bus lanes.  There’s a coffee shop on almost every corner and fabulous streets to walk/run/play on.</p><p>I’ve also seen first hand the great hospitals we have available.  In fact, they are SO good that Quebecers come across the boarder and clog up our wait times!  But I don’t blame them; having worked in 3 of them thus far I can say that Ottawans give good care – and when you’re sick that’s exactly what you need.  We also have parks and trails to run and bike – gyms and fitness centres for all incomes to ensure the health of it’s people for generations to come.   However, the chip trucks adorning Bank Street make it difficult to resist the temptation of Ottawa’s growing restaurant talents.  Local joints like OzAbsintheallium and Whalesbone have some of the most amazing food you can find in this city – but with its growing popularity reservations are highly recommended!

All in all – Ottawa is a pretty great city.  It’s only when you leave it do you realize just how amazing a city like this is.   So stop by if you have a chance – you won’t regret it!


~ by Carrie on February 14, 2008.

10 Responses to “hello mo’fo”

  1. I agree. I think that Ottawa has a lot of offer people. You can pretty much anywhere you want to in the city octranspo.com travel planner. There are cool things to do like Spins and Needles/Disco Bingo, free times at museums and much more.

    I moved here from York Region 3 years ago for school and have decided to say ever since.

    Glad you enjoy the city.

  2. The idea of living somewhere in Canada where there’s more to do and it isn’t so cold as in the middle of the country is hugely appealing to me at the moment….but my favourite thing about this post has got to be its title! lol Very nice = )

  3. @ aandjblog ~ hi! thanks for stopping by! I love Ottawa; it’s truly a rockin’ city.

    @ Kyla Bea ~ haha true that. Thanks!!!

  4. Good review of Ottawa!

  5. @ psychgrad ~ thanks!!

  6. Aw, I miss it…especially now, during Winterlude. A beavertail would be grrreat right about now where instead I find myself at the top of the arctic following dog sled races. What a world away!

  7. @ ATS ~ I know!! Mmmm… BeaverTail…. and a hot chocolate after skating on the canal? Brilliant. But it will always still be here if you want to come back for a quick visit!

  8. I have relatives in ottowa – maybe I’ll get to see it one day! It sounds like a great city.

  9. @ PrincessPolly ~ Ottawa = awesome. You’d have a LOT of fun!

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