dear Hillary

Hi!  My name is Carrie and I am writing you from up north – my home and native land, oh Canada.  Now before you throw this letter away (since I can’t really help you in your quest to become Madame President) with the rest of your junk mail, which no doubt consists of the same pizza flyers and Chinese take out menus that us little people get, I just wanted to express my admiration for you, to you, regardless of what your future may hold.

Again, being Canadian and all, I can’t vote/campaign for/fund your party.  I am not a celebrity who can bolster your percentages in the state that I don’t live in.  But what I am – is a female.  A young lady; watching an intelligent, driven, confident alpha woman bravely diving into the shark infested ocean that is politics.  I am a girl still unsure of her talents, her ambitions, her passion and her drive watch a women who is sure of these things, even in the face of a mud-slinging media and a formidable and charismatic opponent. 

And let me tell you Ms. Hillary – it’s one hell of a sight to see.

What you are doing – running for President of the free world – takes BALLS.  And not the literal balls, as anatomically speaking we’ve got 23 layers of muscle vs a thin sheath of epidermis, but figurative balls – being out in the open, vulnerable to attack for standing up to do what you believe in.  I mean… if you’re too harsh on a subject, you’re seen as weak and emotional and unfit to be President.  On the flip side, if you’re too lenient on a subject you’re seen as weak and emotional and unfit to be President.  Basically, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t and the way I see it; that’s a recipe for getting fucked.

Knowing these odds and what you’re facing – I certainly wouldn’t have the guts to run.  I mean, who wishes to have their name run through the mud, be called names that aren’t necessarily true, be placed under the microscope and be observed so closely that no matter who you are you wouldn’t look good?  Certainly not me; oh no.  No way in hell.

A lot of my friends ask me why the hell would I support you.  They tell me the same stories I’ve heard on the news about your failed health care plan, how Bill would secretly run shit behind your back, how we need to move forward and not backward, and Oprah endorsed Obama so why don’t you?  Well… to be perfectly honest with you, dear Hillary; if you win I will be delighted; if Obama wins I won’t be crushed.   I want the best person to win, the person who will get’er done, and I believe that you BOTH – if given the chance – can get’er done.

But I support you because I admire the courage it takes to step outside the imposed (self or otherwise) shells we have around ourselves, shells that often prevent us from taking that step from ho-hum everyday ordinary to true greatness.  The great people in our past had that courage, that bravery, to put themselves on the line for what they believed in, despite what all others were telling them.  And that, Ms. Hillary, takes a hell of a lot of guts.  Knowing that, I salute you.

Who knows where this primary will go.  Right now it’s you and Obama and only time will tell who will eventually win the nomination.  I just want to let you know that if things don’t go the way you want them to… if it turns out that this may not be the history you intended to make… Trust me: you’ve made it. 


~ by Carrie on February 3, 2008.

40 Responses to “dear Hillary”

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  3. It’s so nuts that you wrote this- I was honestly watching CNN yesterday and thought of you and remembered that you were a Clinton girl and was curious what was ‘it’ that had you rooting for her. I can see why now. Though we disagree on who would be the best president, I love this post and the points you make. Hillary definitely has strong qualities (leadership!) that make her a great role model not just for women- but for everyone.

  4. This was so great to read. I haven’t decided where I stand politically, but you captured much of the impressiveness that I’ve felt about Hilary even having the balls to run.

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  6. @ brandy – UH OH. It looks like we’ve officially entered each others heads. Just don’t look in at around 11:30 pm – that’s Carries time!

    All joking aside: Lots of people I know wonder why I stand behind Hillary – and again, if Obama wins you won’t see my crying in the gutter because he’s one hell of a man. I just really really appreciate the courage it takes for Hillary to stand and do what she is doing despite all the bullshit that’s thrown at her.

  7. @ distracted spunk – hi! Thanks for stopping by! The thing is with this election; I can stand behind either candidate. Hillary’s been getting a lot of crap; more than expected, really, and I just wanted to put some positive out there on her behalf.

  8. I actaully find this election interesting, I have no idea who I would vote for , I’m Canadian so I care not to give it much thought. Bush leaving the big seat makes me happy enough.

  9. ignore my spelling please

  10. @ B – done and done. This is the most entertaining election I’ve seen in YEARS. If only we Canadians could be more… how do I put this… energetic, in our elections!

  11. Here, here on this post! I’ve always admired Hillary and I feel as though she’s definitely making an amazing statement by running for prez.

  12. @ Airam – thanks girl! I find that no one is paying attention to that; well, perhaps her supporters but since I’m in Ontario I’m SOL. Just want to send a kind word to her!

  13. Very well done … I would never have expected such a post from any Canadian. You’re special.
    My prediction is that whichever of the 2 wins the Democratic nomination, the other will be chosen for the vice president.

    Either way, it will be an historical moment for the US … a woman or a black, who would have thought?

  14. I wonder how much Harper will enjoy having his head up one of their asses as much as he enjoys it up Bush’s?

  15. hey! nice to find another canadian! and yeah, hillary has made history in and of itself where she is now.

    truth though? i think i’d vote for obama if i lived in the states!

  16. @ George ~ I lived in Bethesda, MD for 3 years – the Clinton era, to be exact. Times were good; I had a good time. We lived maybe 30 min from DC (45 with traffic) and it was a really great time to live in America. I follow American politics as such – and ’08 is turning into a pretty entertaining race!

  17. @ George ~ A hahaha I just saw your other comment…

  18. @ libby ~ hey there! thanks for stopping by! it’s all good to the Obama girls and boys out there; it’s all love from here. I’m just putting my opinion out there to help balance the karma between the two!

  19. Great letter and so very TRUE!

  20. @ Princess ~ why thank you!!

  21. Oh my God Carrie, I think I just voted for you!!!!

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  23. I found you from Brandy’s blog aaaand I gotta say, it’s so nice to see another young Hillary supporter!! I’m planning on writing my official endorsement later this week (or maybe tonight, as I didn’t realize Super Tuesday is actually TOMORROW), but I’m glad to see I’m not alone! (PS I love Canadians who love American politics. It cracks me up. In a good way.)

  24. Carrie I couldn’t agree with you more. I too am a supporter of Hillary & like you whether she becomes the 44th President or Obama does, I won’t be disappointed either way.

  25. Amen, Carrie!
    I get so depressed when I see the hypocrisy of what is written about this woman, and the ridiculous double standards she is held to. No matter what happens, it is nice to know that history is being made.

  26. @ Michael C ~ WOOT! Thank you!!! Enjoy Super Tuesday!

    @ brandy’s ping-back ~ thanks girl! Yes I do realize that I am responding to wordpress.

  27. @ Renee ~ Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy Super Tuesday; it’s nice to see a Hillary supporter (who can make a difference in her election) too! And I lived in Maryland for 3 years so American politics will always hold a special place in my ❤

    @ Semichrmd ~ hiya! Right on – we’re spoiled (as Democratic supporters) to have such GREAT candidates, eh?

  28. @ Princess Pointful ~ holla back girl! She is put through SO much bullshit with the double standards, especially when she’s too harsh/lenient. It’s ridiculous;which is why I like her even more.

  29. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    I’m planning on voting for Hillary too, when I get back!

  30. I like Hilary. She’s has been in the “spotlight” so to speak many many times before, but she’s back! Good for her! Definitely a strong point in her character.

  31. I haven’t really made up my mind on who I like more – Obama or hillary – but I think Hillary gets a lot of irrational hatred from people. This is the consequence of being in the public for so long! I’m really glad you wrote this post!

  32. Irrational hatred? Consequence of being in the public for so long? Perhaps you mean consequence of being involved with politics for so long?

    I personally wouldn’t say It’s irrational … just take a peek at paul vs clinton for mouth watering starters …

    Love your blog carrie, I wish you were my neighbor. hehe.

  33. @theMayor

    Let me rephrase for you:

    A lot of people I meet who dislike Hilary dislike her because she’s “too unfriendly” or “too cold”. While I think it’s important for a politician to have warmth and charisma, I’d rather their policies be sound than for them to be charming. Too often, I find when I discuss Clinton with people who dislike her, they can’t state specific disagreements with her platform – just that they don’t like her.

    That’s not to say some people don’t have “rational” reasons to hate her. I am aware of her past, her corruption and her pretty hefty connections. What I said was a generalization, it wasn’t meant to target your reasons for hating her. Perhaps you are well informed and don’t base your judgments of a politican solely on what the media says about her or what decisions she’s made about her personal life, in which case, good for you.

  34. @ emma ~ thanks for stopping by too! WOOT!

    @ Bhanu ~ hi! thanks for dropping by!! and that is another great point about her; her ability to fall and get back up!

  35. @ Miriam ~ exactly girlfriend. exactly.

    @ theMayor ~ aw! thanks!!!!

  36. @ Miriam ~ well said my friend. you’ve hit the nail on the head – she gets a LOT of flack for the past and… really; who could have known how things would have turned out? I mean… hindsight is 15/20…

  37. At the onset of this whole Presidential campaign I was 100% behind Obama. Now that I’ve read more and more about Hillary though, I’m conflicted. Not that there’s anything wrong with Barack, but I think Hillary gets a bum rap. She’s worked her ass off to get where she is today. I’m sick and tired of people saying “we don’t need another Clinton”. Why the discrimination? Let her run on her own merits.

    What really bugs me is the recent backlash against her about not stepping down. Many Barack supporters are asking her to throw in the towel. She’s only down by less than 100 delegates*, why would she do that? Thanks for writing this and thanks for sticking up for her.

  38. *100 delegates depending on whichever news source you “trust”

  39. @ Egan ~ thanks dude; she DOES get a bad rap. She’s not going to quit. She’s going to fight until the bitter end.

  40. Hi! I just found this post via the 20sb blog carnival and wanted to say… Thank you!

    Lately I’ve felt like the lone Hillary-supporter in a sea of Obama-worshippers. It’s nice to know someone else sees the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” side of this election.


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