When shopping in New York, always wear nice underwear

I’m baaaaaack!!  What’s up everybody? So already I am breaking another NY resolution (not blogging in class) but I’ve been away for so long it’s perfectly understandable, no?  Anyway; I returned from New York with twice as much clothing as I left, 600$ less money then I had before, and full of useful tips for any and all who are planning an improptu shopping trip to NYC. 

#1) Just because you are a student (or youth) doesn’t mean you have to stay in a hostel

  •  So in the interest of saving money to shop live, Corporate and I decided to stay in a hostel 2 blocks away from Broadway.  On the website the rooms seemed comfortable enough, the location was stellar, and it had wi-fi access and no lock outs/curfew or chores.  And for 30$ a night?  You couldn’t find a better deal.  However not everything is as it seems.  This being NYC, slum lords can charge whatever amount they want and keep the place in whatever condition they want because they know that people will ALWAYS come and the rooms will ALWAYS be filled.  The bed was remenisent to those cheap psuedo-plastic bed you used to sleep on at summer camp, the piping that ran to the heater was plugged by a plastic shopping bag, and we had some unexpected roommates that liked to make holes in our food… Of course Corporate never told me about this per say although I did hear him talk out loud about the strange holes and placement of the food when we came back from a day of sight-seeing.  Needless to say we booked it out of there and stayed in a lodge in Chelsea, still on the subway line, but for 149$ each night and let me tell you: if you don’t have to slum accomidation wise, DON’T. 

 #2) “Cheap” tickets aren’t always worth the wait

  •  Behind the Marriott in Times Square there is a box office that advertises 50% off shows on Broadway.  Great, we thought, because we wanted to see “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Wicked” but didn’t want to pay the exorbant prices that we researched on the internet.  But as soon as we got to the said line up it spiraled almost endlessly and was an estimated 4 hour wait.  Now, when you are in NYC for an estimated 64 hours, you don’t want to spare a moment – especially to stand in line when you may or may not get a ticket.  So may I advise just going to the box office of the theatre itself?  We got great seats for less than the internet price with no wait.

#3) When actors do 7 shows a week, 2 on Saturday, don’t expect anything less than OA

  •  When I was telling my dad about “Phantom” I described it in one word: over-acted.  And that I can understand.  Although each actor is living his/her dream of performing on Broadway, sometimes the only way you can get through you X100 number of shows this month is to over-act, and even rush.  I remember seeing “Phantom” at the JKF centre and at the NAC and each time it was spectacular, so I expected no less from a Broadway performance.  Sadly, I understood the actors need to overact, but not so much the orchestras need to rush the performance. I’m still glad I went though, even though

#4) Just because you’re at a cultural event doesn’t mean the audience is cultured

  •  the couple sitting to my immediate left spent the entire show speaking loudly in Spanish (so right in my ear) and ‘sniffing’, you know, when you have a cold or just sneezed and don’t have a tissue handy?  Yeah.  Try as I might to get lost in the Music of the Night, all I could hear was the sound of that woman’s snot being forced back into her head over and over and over.   I was thisclose to punching her in the face, but being in NYC she probably would have kicked my ass and there is no free health care.  

#5) When shopping in NYC, always wear nice underwear

  •  There is a department store called Century 21 where one can get fabulous clothing (think Parasuco, 7 for all Mankind, Louis Vuitton, Rock & Republic) at cost or lower.  Their tag line is ‘fashion worth fighting for’ but I think it ought to be ‘fashion worth stripping in front of strangers for’.  I was immensely excited to find my 7s jeans (that I am wearing right now, actually) for 39.97$ – seriously- however I was a bit shocked to see the so called ‘change rooms’ that were available to shoppers.  I read in Corporates’ travel book that you may have to be changing in room full of strangers, but I thought that was just local-talk to scare the silly touri.   OH no.  The dressing rooms, true to the stores discount nature, weren’t exactly Neiman Marcus. I was absolutely half naked in front of at least 5 strangers trying to struggle on my Guess jeans that were most certainly NOT the size 26 it had advertised (at least in my mind they weren’t).  So… if you’re shy you might have to buy on faith, but let me tell you; my 40$ Parasuco jean jacket was worth the improptu strip tease.

#6) It may not look like you ate, but trust me; you ate

  •  After not being in the states for almost 9 years, I forgot just how big their portion sizes are.  Every restaurant, even the local pizza places, are very very very generous with their food.  I couldn’t even finish a kiddie size cup of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!  On our last night in NYC together, Corporate and I took a walk down Broadway and found a local Italian American pasta place and sat down for a meal.  Despite our best efforts, when we were full to the brim our plates were never ending; even the servers were confused.  No wonder the obesity epidemic is rampant – there is SO much to eat and SO much is given!

I don’t think I forgot anything else… Anyways- how is everybody? 


~ by Carrie on January 25, 2008.

28 Responses to “When shopping in New York, always wear nice underwear”

  1. Hahaha… I could have warned your about those dressing rooms. I remember walking into my first one and just being like “Oh crap look at all those boobs!”

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  3. It sounds like you had a good time overall and I’m so proud of your shopping! Way to go!

  4. I live for Century 21!! What a steal! Last year we saw Andre 3000 from Outcast there. Even better: Upon my return, nobody doubted my REAL Betsy Johnson sunglasses were only $40. Yay!

  5. Hey babe! NYC? Coool…. I’m sure you are broke for VERY GOOD reasons! Let’s set a date for you and I! Miss you!

  6. @ Miriam ~ No worries! I will know for next time; and thanks for all your tips! Corporate and I will use them for our trip in April!

    @ Ruby ~ Thanks darlin! I’m so happy; except now I have such a hard time buying full price, or even 40% off! Well, except lululemon.

  7. @ ATS ~ I now live for Century 21 too! It’s fabulous!!!

    @ Donna ~ Miss you too babe! Sure thing!!

  8. oh New York!!! love it glad you had a great time ya century 21 is great and I bought tickets from that place as well to see a couple of shows

    your post makes me want to go back ASAP I ‘ll have to look into that

    and I’m doing well thanks 🙂

  9. […] When shopping in New York, always wear nice underwear […]

  10. Sounds like you had a great time…and fabulous tips. Would love to pop off to NY.

  11. I had the exact same experience with Phantom – I still loved it but seeing people who have played the same part for 7+ years is a different experience. I snuck up and spoke with the conductor when I was there, did you know that there are still about 5 – 6 chorus dancers from the original broadway cast in it?

    Glad you had such a fun time and I’m glad you’re back!

  12. @ B ~ Yay! It’s so great; except that its actually SUPER cold when it’s windy! Crazy, no?

    @ Carla ~ THanks!!

  13. @ Kyla ~ True that; seriously?? It’s been running almost as long as I have been alive!! That is CRAZY!!!!

  14. I love this:

    “It may not look like you ate, but trust me; you ate”

    You are so funny! 🙂

    I bet my guy could give those New Yorkers a run for their money when eating is involved 😉

  15. Hey lady! I’m glad you had a great trip, I was hoping there would be an update soon. I’m sorry you had to sit by such noisy people at the show, that’s the worst. I went to see “A Christmas Carol” in December and the people behind me chewed gum. For TWO hours. I was not impressed.

  16. Okay, so now I’ve been thinking about the gum chewers and I’m angry all over again. Dear lord. I need to let the anger go.

  17. @ Valerie = Ahaha thanks!! And if your guy likes food then NYC is the place to be!

    @ brandy = Thanks girlfriend; it’s totally the worst. OOH I HATE that smacking sound of gum chewing if it’s in the wrong place: I mean, on the floor I can understand gum chewing that’s loud because you’re probably stressed, but in a realtively quiet theatre?? WOW. I’d be pissed to high Heaven too!

  18. @ brandy = wow didn’t see the other comment there; but I can totally understand not being able to let go; I mean, we paid good money to enjoy the show, not hear someone smack gum or snort snot back up into their nose! YEESH.

  19. Glad you had a good time despite the little hiccups!

  20. @ Airam ~ Thanks girl friend! Despite the bumps along the way I would gladly go back!!

  21. Carrie! When are you gonna be off for lunch

    * Nicole

  22. PS: Hope you and Corporate have fun in NYC hun! Just got your txt STOP DRINKING LOL!

  23. @ Nicole ~ Ahaha I facebook’d you!!

  24. @ Nicole ~ and WTF my plane was SOOO delayed; YOUD be drinking too!!!

  25. Ha ha ha.. Nice post title… and some useful advice too!

  26. I once saw a production of The Importance of Being Ernest, where every actors overacted. It’s one thing to overact in a fantastic melodrama like The Phantom of the Opera, quite another to destroy the subtleties of Oscar Wilde’s well-timed humor with forced delivery and exaggerated gestures.

  27. glad you’re back!

    and you’re a brave woman for changing in front of everyone! but those jeans sure do sound like a steal! 😉

  28. @ Sham ~ Hi! Thanks for dropping by!

    @ Kenneth ~ True that; Oscar Wilde needs comedic timing and control in order to succeed.

    @ Michelle ~ Thanks girl! Hahaha… well, those jeans were TOTALLY worth it! Just, next time I’ll invest in a pair of boy shorts to combat the nakedness!

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