oh hey guess what

I should really stop doing this.Actually no – I should really start doing MORE of this.  Because I like this; I mean… life is what happens when you’re trying to catch up on readings, and where better to force yourself to read X amount of chapters than an airport on a lay-over? 

Tee hee… Guess what?  Next weekend yours truly is going to be blogging from… NEW YORK CITY! 

Let’s rewind here – about 2 months ago Corporate was telling me that he was going to be sent to NYC for a week long training … thing … and asked if I would like to join him.  While he was going on about how his parents (mostly his mother) followed each other around on trips when they could I was busy fantasizing about the fantastic shopping I so dearly miss in the US of A, the Broadway shows I am so eager to get a rush from by getting the absolute last minute tickets, and I could already taste the delicious-ness of the Magnolia vanilla cupcakes and the authentic NY pizza pies melting in my mouth. 

Anyway – a few days ago I was seriously considering doing this – eerily similar to how yours truly ended up going to Europe this summer.  I was searching around the internet just to see if I could find a reasonably priced ticket to and from NYC from Toronto – no dice.  I was just about to let this dream fade away like so many other ones in my life until I said “Ok… just one more search” and switched ‘Toronto’ for ‘Ottawa’. 

200$-something dollars later I had in my possession a return ticket to NYC – one stop over for a few hours, but meh.  I was going.   Thank you Student Universe – by the way, if anyone reading this has a valid student number, check this puppy out; some fabulous deals are available for the last-minute tripper. 

After the initial shock and awe faded away (as in, “Oh my God what the hell am I doing?”) at yet another moment in my life where instinct took over my rational mind – I got to thinking about the hidden method to my madness.  I am only a student for my undergrad for another year, and it’s such a shame to have all these deals go to waste because I’m so entrenched in my punishment education at uO/AC.  And isn’t a get-away something that will ease my frustration at the college and help restore my ever-loving devotion to nursing, but not the people who claim to represent it?  

Besides… You know all of that ‘living a balanced life-style’ crap that my professors are trying to teach me in nursing school?  Well… the way I see it is – we’re ALL going to need a nurse one day.  I may as well start listening to myself in order to gain the advantages one gets from having the experience of being under the care of a nurse. I mean.. I am learning such great, positive, life-enhancing ideas; why should they be allocated only to my patients… excuse me, clients?  Plus I’d hate to be a hypocrite; telling my friends and family to eat right, exercise, have a life outside of their career when yours truly has absolutely NO life beyond the 2 walls that is a text book and the hours of 7am and midnight that belong to the college.  How can I honestly telling them how important it is to live a balanced lifestyle when I eat when/what I can, sleep when I can, and spend my Friday nights with a bottle of wine? 

So here I go; and if this (at all) interests you… give it a go.  What do you have to lose?  The weekend is yours – take it. 


~ by Carrie on January 13, 2008.

23 Responses to “oh hey guess what”

  1. Have fun in NY! You deserve it!

  2. AH! That’s awesome! What a great way to kick off the new year. I hope you have a fantastic time. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. Hope you are able to catch a good show. My sister was there a month or so ago and nothing was on Broadway because of the whole writer’s strike. Have fuN!

  4. That is just so much fun!! You are going to have a blast – shopping and theater and eating and theater and fun…

    And we can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Have a great trip. I’ve never been there, just flown over it. In a plane. For some reason it felt necessary to state that part.

  6. Oh yay! You are coming to my city! You will have so much fun!!

  7. Tscha! You totally deserve it. You’re a fantastic twenty-something and this is the time where not caring about the consequences of your actions will lead to fun, adventure, and possibly love. Not that you’re looking or anything, but it is a possibilty. Have a total New York visit! Strut like a model down the Avenues, have lunch at Da Silvano, and drinks with dancing at a jazz club. Dont forget to take pictures!

  8. @ Airam ~ Thanks girlfriend!

    @ brandy ~ Thanks lady! I’ll be sure to update along the way!

  9. @ Mel ~ Oh boo urns!! Corporate wants to see ‘Wicked’; I want to see ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Avenue Q’… but it all depends on what’s available for those oh so fabulous last minute tickets!

  10. @ Exception ~ I hope so! Nah… you can never have anything less than a fabulous time in THE city that never sleeps!

    @ Michael C ~ Thanks for the clarification – I will have a great time!

  11. @ Miram D ~ If you have ANY suggestions I will GLADLY take some! Remember – I am on a students budget!

  12. @ David ~ Aw, thanks sweetheart. You’re right – I’m going to have a fabulous time and take LOTS of pictures!!

  13. Congrats, enjoy and take advantage of any of those student specials while you can.

  14. @ Carla ~ You bet!!!

  15. Have fun and spoil yourself ROTTEN!

  16. @ Bre ~ Oh I will – I think I am going on a super-sale weekend. Steve & Barry’s here I come!!

  17. ahhhh I wish I had known about Student Universe when I was in college. granted I just graduated like a month ago, but I dont think my ID would work. ugh!

    yay for your NYC trip though!

  18. Can’t wait to hear all about this when you’re back! Hope the shopping gods are showering you with sales!

  19. Have a fabulous weekend Carrie …

  20. thanks for the comment carrie! i hope you have a lovely time in ny!

  21. I am so excited for you! You totally deserve the break and you now have a great opportunity to do all that you want!

  22. @ AP ~ ME TOO; I could have had 3 extra years for all those great deals! Oh well – there is no harm in trying!

    @ Ruby ~ Oh you BET the shopping gods were smiling on me!!

  23. @ George ~ Thanks darlin!

    @ skycitygirl ~ Thanks you!

    @ Princess ~ Thank you! If not I am always planning to go back!

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