Basting in Nursing Theory

… you know, like a turkey?

A good portion of my visit to Corporate, which may I add did NOT involve me being grateful for my last visit to the salon for my monthly (I’ll leave it at that) was spent studying for my first exam – Nursing Theory. Now before I get into that part of my post, I just want to say that since I came down in the middle of the (work)week the hours of 8:00-6:00 were spent by my lonesome… well not really. Maury and Montel managed to keep me company during the hours I am not normally awake on my days off. Also apparently I have a nasty little habit of pulling Corporate back into bed even though he already has his jacket/gloves/shoes on and is literally 5 seconds away from going out the door. Oops. See?? This is why I need George Michael so badly!!

Aannyways once my love-affair with bad daytime TV ends, usually around the time The View pops on (what can I say? I really liked Meridith!) or The Price Is Right (what can I say? I really liked Bob Barker!) I’d leave Corporates condo in the gaybourhood of Toronto and head down to one of the many fabulous cafes that adorne the streets of the Village to read my theory text and write all over my powerpoint notes from classes I remember attending but not quite grasping the concept.

Oh theory. One might ask Carrie, why the hell do you have to learn theory? Isn’t nursing based on common sense and practical knowledge? Don’t you just clean bedpans and wear sexy white dresses that are 5x too small around the bust and bum area? Where’s your cap?

Well… Because, yes, not often, and it’s on my desk just waiting for my ‘sexy’ graduation picture. More on that later.

I guess in a nutshell, I have to learn theory because it’s always good to know where you came from and perhaps gain an idea of where you could be going. It’s not quite history (which I get to take next semester-yay!) but it’s not quite anthropology. This course was trying to explain why theory is important in nursing, even though RNs (read: real nurses) don’t exactly go about spewing words like ‘nursing diagnosis’ and quote Orem, Roy or Neuman on a regular basis while performing patient care. We do – however – perform such care that was defined and in Nightingale’s case, practically invented by a nurse.

Nurses are really smart. Seriously. Except… all the credit, all the celebrity, all the respect goes to doctors. They come in, they solve the problem, and they leave. But we’re there all the time. We’re looking for other things that the doctors could miss because they have soooo much to do in soooo little time. We know SO much and SO much change has happened because of a nurse/nurses. However… does anybody really know that? Or worse, does anybody really care?

I guess that’s where theory comes in. Theory tries to explain how we know what we know, why we know what we know, and what we do with what we know. And… why it’s important to keep us around.

I just wish they could say it simpler; I’ve reached the point of oversaturation that I can literally feel the words bouncing off my eyeballs back onto the page into the jumbled hodge-podge of mumbo-jumbo-pretentious diction that I have to KNOW for Monday’s 9:30 exam.

Ok. Breaks over.


~ by Carrie on December 7, 2007.

11 Responses to “Basting in Nursing Theory”

  1. Any time you need someone to vouch for nurses, I’m here. When Anna was born at our hospital, they damn well ran the show. They did a tremendous job and sadly don’t get nearly enough credit. We made sure all of them knew how much we appreciated them.

    Now what’s a gaybourhood?

  2. I love student development theories – but really… i understand oversaturation!

  3. My brothers girlfriend is in nursing (and yes, I know I’ve mentioned that before, but anytime you talk nursing she’s the first person I think of) and she gets frustrated by all the doctor worshipping too. I sometimes think it goes with teachers and teacher assistants. Us teachers get a lot of the glory but the T.A’s do a ton of work too and get far less credit. Good luck on your exam!!

  4. Good luck on your exam – how are they weighted in nursing? Are the life/death or part of the scenery? I think that what you’re studying is phenomenal, we absolutely need more nurses and it sounds like your heart is completely in this. Any thoughts on where you’ll end up working?

  5. Good luck on your exam! Everyone needs to learn about theory in their field at some point or another … and bless you for being excited about history (unless you were being sarcastic of course)! I can’t stand history of any sort.

  6. I wish nurses got more recognition.

  7. Perhaps I am a little confused here but shouldn’t the theory have come before you started pn the floor, applying what you were learning. Kinda backwards, no?

    I’ll agree on the nurses being there all the time. I see my diabetes specialist a couple of times a year and all he does is make sure that the nurses have made changes that are OK. See, I visit with the nurses and dietitians every couple of months and they make changes to my diet and my insulin dosages without doctor input. He has never once said that they were wrong in their decisions … on the contrary, he has always commended them.

    We need more nurses.

  8. Just so you know…this chick totally understands a medical writer on women’s health and a patient I know the nurses do 99.9 percent of the work – the doctor’s write the orders. You guys make people feel better when they are at their worst and you hold their hands when they can’t get through another day. Thank you.

  9. Nurses don’t get enough credit! It’s such a high demand field right now, you would think people would begin to realize how much they are truly valued, and needed.

    I liked Bob too, and Merideth! I watch her now on The Today Show instead.

    I can’t wait until you get little George Michael!

  10. mmm yay school right? this is dead week i’m currently ‘basting’ in anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing …

  11. it’s good to know your shit because believe me “they” write the orders but we tell them what we want half the time or more.

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