One Flew East, One Flew West…

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest…

Today was my official last day of classes for semester 1 of third year nursing. Can I get an AMEN – and I’m not even Christian? On Monday I was thisclose to breaking out into some Bon Jovi as our teachers happily proclaimed that we can take a well-deserved deep breath because we’re half-way there.

“OOOOOh OH! Livin’ on a prayer!!”

Won’t you take my hand, and I’ll make it, I swear. Because the end is SO close… so close I can taste it, and it tastes like cipralex, the anti-depressant that’s letting me hold on, ready or not.

“You live for the fight / when it’s all that you’ve got!”

Anyway, since I am well aware and basking in my glory of school-related insanity, I thought I’d write a little note along the lines of what I’ve found helpful in dealing with those times in our lives where everything is everything; when there is so much to do and so little time/will to do it all. As with everything, it can be taken or left behind… but I feel that it’s my duty as a (future) nurse to share with you the little bits and pieces of empirical knowledge I’ve managed to scrape up in my world of lectures, books and terribly stupid group members that has (have? I don’t know anymore) prevented me from becoming a pitiful creature of darkness.

#1) When life events make you feel pretty shitty, do something that you know you’re amazing at to remind you just how incredible you are.

WHY: It sounds so simple, eh? There are many times when nursing in general, be it the knowledge, expectations or dinosaurs that teach me make me feel just how incompetent they think students are. Now while I know that legally we are considered incompetent (as you have to have a competency to practice nursing along with your license) at the same time if we’ve managed to survive until now there MUST be something up there that’s clicking.

Anyway, the way I see it is simple: 8 hours a day is spent sleeping. 10 hours a day are spent working. That leaves you… 6 hours to play with however you choose. Why not do something that makes you feel good and reminds you just how talented you are? My roommate paints: and she is an excellent painter. She also bakes and as my stomach and ass will attest, she is a great cook. I dance and I take voice lessons, and I feel really good afterwards.

Tell me – what do you do?

2) The world will NOT implode/explode if you have to miss a day because you’re sick.

I personally hate this one too; sometimes it DOES feel like YOUR world will implode/explode when you miss a day, especially if you’re already pressed for time. But in reality: the longer you try and push your body to do the impossible without the resources it needs (read: SLEEP, orange juice and chicken soup) the longer your body will lay the smack down on you. For so many of us, we’ve been programed to GOGOGOGOGOGO, that if you’re not multitasking you’re a LAZYass, and if you’re not working HARD for something you’re not working at all, and if you didn’t bleed then you didn’t play. Well guess what sweetheart; your body wants to play for the long run and that means treating it like the palace it is. Sleep well. Rest well. Eat well. Move well. Be well. You’ll find you have less and less days that you have to take off due to illness. Your body is a wonderland. Treat it that way and you’ll reap the benefits. Trust me: I’m a (student) nurse, but B can back me up here!

3) Watching 2 hours of CSI/The West Wing/ANTM or reading an entire book cover to cover will NOT kill you.

Now I’m not one to promote watching TV over going to the gym/taking a walk/going shopping, but sometimes our brains are running at such a high intensity that you NEED to stop and literally zone out. Grab that book you’ve always wanted to read but for some reason couldn’t and ENJOY it. Brew a nice cup of tea and read each chapter without a care. Ok… you can have your washer & dryer going at the same time, but please; take that moment to just relax.

4) Games are NOT just for children.

Sudoku is SO addictive, and really helps wiht logical thinking. I’m atrocious at math and I adore it. Sure I do the sudoku for smart kids (I’m not kidding) but it’s addictive and fun. Crossword puzzles are also fun; sure they sound grannylike, but who couldn’t use a few extra words in their vocabulary, and know how to spell them too? My roommate, for her 25th birthday party, bought Twister. I’ve forgotten how much fun it is. AND – if you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble you win. Always.

5) If all else fails: take a nap.

Oh the nap. It wasn’t until university did I rediscover the pleasure of the power nap, be it 20 minutes, an hour, or 4. Naps are God’s (whatever that means to you) gift to humanity. I take naps on a daily basis and NEVER regret it. Hell, I took a nap before getting on the train to Toronto to see Corporate and boarded with 7 minutes to spare. Oops? Yes. Regret? Hells no!

Blogging, I find, help’s as well. Here I can let my crazy run free as fast as I can type.

PS I’m in Toronto this week. YAY.



~ by Carrie on December 4, 2007.

19 Responses to “One Flew East, One Flew West…”

  1. Love Sudoku. Everytime I go to Chapters I pick up another Sudoku book … I think I have like 5 of them now.

    Power naps … love them. Not just for university students either! I discovered them when I was in grade 12 … ahh, nothing like the feeling of taking a quickie in the middle of the night.

    Oh and I hate taking days off because I have to PLAN to be away!! Unfortunately I need someone to take my place when I’m not there and heaven forbid I don’t leave lesson plans.

  2. Take me down to the paradise city
    Where the grass is green
    And the girls are pretty
    Take me home (Oh, won’t you please take me home)

    You have bon jovi, I have guns ‘n roses. You say tomato I say tomato.(that didn’t type out as well as I thought it would).

    Amen sister! Amen!

    Enjoy the chaos known as your life, for one day you’ll look back and laugh.

    Great Post.

  3. I think I need a t-shirt with #5 printed on it!

    Congrats, girl!

  4. Congrats on being halfway there! I really wish I could say I had something I excelled (sp?) at, but I really can’t. I guess I am a “jill of all trades, master of none . . .” And I LOVE playing games. Cranium and Taboo are my favorites right now. It’s just too bad they are 4+ players, because just Kyle and I can’t play by ourselves 😦 But I do love the crossword. I may have to buy one of those Dollar Tree crossword puzzle books because I can’t afford the newspaper anymore!

  5. Congrats on finishing up this semester! Also, I love the list. I think I need to read all five points to myself over and over again. Games are definitely not just for kids, and napping should be done more often.

  6. @ Airam ~ I guess as a teacher it would totally be different; however, do you get summers off? I dated a teacher and he did and LOVED it.

    @ K ~ GNR = awesome. However it was the ‘you’re half-way there’ that got me singing Bon Jovi, almost out loud, in class. Oops. I guess our break came just in time.

  7. @ Bre ~ Ooh; good call sista. I wonder if Cafe Press does that… or would do that. It would go well with my Chuck Norris wardrobe.

    @ Valerie ~ I was a Jack of all trades/master of none at my old job too!! Cranium is SO much fun; and the dollar store ones are awesome!! Esp when you can photocopy them to do later!

  8. @ Miriam ~ Thanks girl! I think I’ll take a nap right now!

  9. Yup I get summers off. Trust me they are very much needed! And I’m counting down the days until Christmas break … it’s chaotic! Oh and I realized I made an error with my comment .. I meant quickie in the “afternoon” not “night”. I’m anal about my comments.

  10. Congrats on finishing – YAY! I am on board with all your little kisses of wisdom here and especially love the first one 🙂 I usually write in my diary and then make plans with someone special with get out of the house and reinvent myself somehow

  11. @ Airam ~ I bet; I’m in a school all year doing community health and I couldn’t imagine teaching 12 months out of the year. Seriously I don’t know how you guys do it!!

    @ Princess Extraoridinaire ~ Oooh that’s a good idea (writing in a diary the plans you have). Thank you – I’ve used the first one since September and I find it really helps!!

  12. Amen! Dude, I almost totally know how you feel. My friend Maria is trying to get in med-school and figures she’ll be about 28-29 when she finally gets her doctorate. She’s 21 right now, and is already seeing the next few years as years of stress and limited partying. The other day, she was telling me how she feels guilty for watching an hour of TV. I’m sending her a copy of this post.

    And I love all your options! I’m actually gonna use a few of them this weekend, hopefully!

    P.S. Sorry I havent been the most faithful reader…I will try and make more of an effort, because I do thoroughly enjoy reading your posts!

  13. great post!

    Have fun in TO and when I finally get my crap together in the future feel free to stop by my place.

    you can also use me as a reference for any future nursing jobs,LOL I don’t know how you nurse but you blog well so enough said!

    enjoy the weekend- it’s freakin cold here!

  14. Best advice I have read in a long time, thank you. Writing and reading blogs help get the stress out, you’re right. For the past 2 years the anti-depressant meds make me tired and I fall sleep at work, at my desk. Not on purpose though.

    have a great 2nd semester and don’t seat it babe.

  15. #1- I’m all over that one. I have a pretty healthy ego, but it’s still nice to be reminded that I’m EXCELLENT at something. More people need to do this!

    And can I say that I lurve that you threw in a West Wing reference??

    Congrats on finishing the semester!

  16. @ David ~ No worries darling!! Thanks for spreading my blog-tips around. Best of luck to your friend Maria; med school is such a grind house, but it’s worth it!!

    @ B ~ AAAWWW… thank you so much!! Let me know whenever you’re free and I’ll be sure to stop by; I’m in TO at least 2-3x a semester to see Corporate. And THANK YOU for the reference! I’m looking at U of T for school and TO hospitals when I graduate…

  17. @ George ~ I hate those side effects too; mine make me jittery and then knock me out the first 2 weeks, and then all is well. But so long as they are helping over all…

    @ brandy ~ I was thinking of your love affair with The West Wing when I was typing out the TV rule!

  18. I love the fact that you quoted bon jovi, not once but twice. You maybe a girl after my own heart! And as for #1 – this is so true. When I’ve had a bad day, I bake – excessively. May not be good for my back side but everyone loves it & well that just makes me feel great!

  19. @ Semichrmd ~ Hiya! thanks for stoppin’ by and commenting!! I *heart* Bon Jovi. He’s currently playing on Damian – my iPod nano.

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