Thursdays With Grissom

As I’ve mentioned before, the most TV I get to watch are the re-runs of CSI that dominate Spike, otherwise known as UFCSI channel.  Anyways on Tuesday during my 12 hour rotation, I discovered just how much CSI I was watching and how awkward that makes me, especially when I don’t necessarily think before I speak.

A friend of mine was looking up a medication on the computer outside our ward rooms.  She was in room 13 and I was in room 12, so we had some time to chat and help each other out.  Anyway she was looking up a drug that had an alternate name of Propecia.  Now I had heard that name before but I couldn’t place it, so I stood next to the door to the ward listening to the doctors who had come in to talk to my patient, 1 day fresh out the ICU.  As I listened to their gentle banter and sexy use of medical terminology (however my McDreamy, a new resident I had accompanied last rotation day, wasn’t one of them)  and then it hit me:

Carrie: I GOT IT! PROPECIA!! When it’s combined with Rogaine it aids in hair growth, but glows under infrared light!

Carrie’s Friend: What? How did you know that?

Carrie: I saw it on CSI!!  Oh noes…

Carrie & Carrie’s Friend: *laughter ensues*

10 minutes later my RN sends me for my coffee break.  The funny thing was I was right: it’s an undisclosed side effect of the drug, which I didn’t stop to find out what it actually was because I was laughing too hard, especially when the doctors came out of the room and smiled at me and my comments.

Did I mention that 3/4 female students in my group have found their own ”McSteamy’s” and ”McDreamy”?  My McDreamy is a respirology resident that I accompanied to two of my patients.  I don’t think he knew I was a student because I was discussing his order options and the status of my patients with him.  We even went in to the isolation room together to see a patient who may have had TB.  Did I go in there just because he was there?  Maybe.  However he DID look confused (it was his first day and far from my first day on the floor) so in a show of his gratitude to my helping him get as much knowledge, he was like ”Ok well let us go in there and check him out!”

Sigh.  Now where is that service elevator??

KIDDING.  I love Corporate; but having a McDreamy sure does make the 12.5 hours go by just a bit quicker.

“Just go in and impose your values to make it all better: that’s what Bush does all over the world!”


~ by Carrie on December 2, 2007.

25 Responses to “Thursdays With Grissom”

  1. Why Oh WHY did I not go into nursing … it was on my list of professions to do.

  2. @ Airam: Well… it’s not for everyone. For every McDreamy there are 3 McBitchy\McJackasses walking around like they’re bigger than Jesus.

  3. Ha, I need me a McDreamy in my life. Le Sigh.

  4. HA … McDreamy, McSteamy … do any of them come with cheese?

    Nurse, please help me … I was chopping Jalapeno peppers today and although I washed my hands upon completion I must have missed something because I just rub my eye and it’s now burning. Help Help. Or maybe it just happens when I am reading the writing of a pretty, sexy nurse wannabe

  5. I’d really just like a Mcwantstomakeoutwithmeallthetimeandtellmeilookswanky

  6. Sounds familiar … Although, one of these days Corporate may upset you and Mr McSteamy will comfort you and then sparks will fly …

    … I’ve seen it happen a billion and one times, let alone on the receiving end … GL Corporate!

  7. See? TV is educational! You need to nurse at a hospital here in T.O. so you can intro me to all the McDreamys you come across!

  8. lol too cute – good thing that show has good researchers! That could have been awkward otherwise!

    Glad you have someone who helps the time pass, Corporate approved or not 😉

  9. Hahahaha. I always say you can learn a lot more from TV than you think!!

  10. Funny 🙂 My dad uses Propecia, and swears by it.

  11. @ brookem ~ And he came so unexpectedly too… le sigh.

    @ George ~ OH NOES. Well… if it IS me I do apologize… and if it’s not then did you make sure to get under your fingernails? They’re a tricky bunch they are!!

  12. @ Bre ~ Hahaha that is a brilliant name, although it took me 2 tries to read it all!

    @ K ~ Oh I just look; I don’t touch. It’s not like Grey’s where nobody seems to get in HR trouble..

  13. @ Ruby ~ Well that’s the plan! Corproate wants me to move to Toronto; and I’ve liked what I’ve read about U of T’s Nurse Practitioner program.. and what St. Michael’s Hospital does.

    @ Kyla ~ PHEW indeed. If that ended up being just my imagination then I may have gone home earlier than expected…

  14. @ Miriam ~ Indeed!! I love watching TLC and Discovery channel, yet I take away the most from CSI. Hmm…

    @ Valerie ~ Oh I have no doubt that Propecia works; hair growth is just an unexpected yet pleasant side effect.

  15. He, he…that’s so funny about CSI. I like the show too. Always nice to have a few McDreamys floating around.

  16. Work is just that much more fun when you have attractive men around – especially if they have great personalities too!

  17. You know, I love the idea of nursing for this chance to meet a McDreamy/McSteamy/Mc-I-want-to-take-your-clothes-off. Teaching just doesn’t bring in the numbers when it comes to attractive, single men. It just doesn’t.

  18. the comment you made back to airam – LOL so right you are!!

    and I love CSI – the original only

  19. @ Carla ~ I know eh? And who says the TV is a complete idiot box…

    @ Exception ~ YES; it really does make the day go by…

  20. @ brandy ~ I’ve heard that the male-teacher is a dying breed; and such a shame too. I’ve had really spectacular teachers who were male.

    @ b~ Oh you know it girl.

  21. Maybe you and your McDreamy can find some time together in the break room – lol – do those things really happen?

  22. Oh I wasn’t thinking that you had any doubts, I was just singing its praises 😀

  23. @ Princess Extraoridinaire ~ No… usually that’s when McHR pops in..

    @ Valerie ~ Then sing on sista!!! Sing on!!

  24. Grissom rocks. I love how he knows EVERYTHING. He’s made me a bit more knowledgable as well. You never know when you’ll stumble upon something that needs to be solved. 🙂

  25. @ simplypink = he DOES rock.

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