I have to admit that the past week hasn’t been the best for yours truly. Last Saturday I woke up, partly, because apparently my left eye had decided to acquire an infection sometime between 12:00 am (when I went to bed) and 10:00 am (when I awoke from the pain of said eye infection). Thus, being unable to see through one eye and having the vision of a 50 year old man who has already had laster eye surgery – true story – I developed the migraine from hell which in the end prevented me from writing my midterm on Monday and attending lab on Tuesday due to the T2s I was so graciously given to help numb the pain and send me to Never Never Land.

Plus that run-in with Brunswick surely didn’t make things better. Thus in a nutshell – last week kinda sucked. However, me being a big believer in karma, I was delighted when the universe decided to send me the best pick me up a girl can get: a vicarious fabulous first date through one of the most fabulous friends a girl could ever ask for.

I was talking with Mackenzie after her first first date in a while – with someone she just happened to dub “The Most Beautiful Man Alive” and from what I remembered from our chance encounter walking past the library of the university she attended, with a fantastic head of hair. Through her giddy strung together sentences and random intermittent giggles – we discussed how, despite her beliefs that she was annoying me, that those first few moments in a relationship… Where everything is fresh and new, and the conversations seem never ending, and the little things they do are so amazing… are the best. Those first moments, that moment where we are so high from happiness that we giggle to no end, spend hours on the phone with our girlfriends discussing every detail, or like my dear Mackenzie did, spend an hour on the couch swooning. I – personally – have walked as calmly to the door as possible until out of the sight of my date (I think it was The Teacher) and then proceeded to run, overtaken with girlish glee at my first ‘real’ kiss in almost a year. It ended with the Teacher but the point is; we’ve all been there, we’ve all done it, and we’ve all loved every single moment of it.

As Mackenzie and I said our good nights, I got to thinking about those moments in relationships that make us feel like we’re the luckiest people in the world. I know that with time relationships require more and more work to keep that spark from the beginning alive, and that there are relationships where the spark we feel at the beginning is only a facade, a deliusion, or worse, the result of a lie. But when I think about Corporate, even with our tumultuious past, sometimes I still feel that rush of girlish glee when I think of him, or when I see him, or when I hear him talk about his plans for the not-so-distant future: as in the theme of the Christmas party I am attending in December. I know that despite our ups and downs, our disagreements and miscommunications, I still feel emotions like Mackenzie was feeling after that first fantastic date… even though Corporate and I have had many, many moments together. Which makes me one of the very, very lucky ones.

I wish that everyone who reads this may experience that rush of the fabulous first date, or the fabulous first kiss, or the fabulous memories of those gone by. Single or taken, on or off the market, we all deserve those moments where someone makes us feel like we’re flying; and better yet, knowing that we’re making them feel that way too.

But if all else fails; that rush of finding that fabulous new pair of shoes is pretty damn close too.

*Edit: and on that note, I’ve just finished writing the first cheque to put me on the wait list for George Michael. As it turns out Corporate is extremely allergic/sensitive to cat dander, and we had to re-negotiate my need for a fur baby and his need to live with me. Thus, a hypoallergenic kitty for Christmas was the answer!*


~ by Carrie on November 17, 2007.

17 Responses to “Moments”

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  2. Hm…first kisses are great- but as exciting as new relationships are all the tension and the terror of it is too much for me after a while. I agree with you, relationships take work but knowing that you are just as goofy and full of butterflies as you were at the start of the relationship when you’ve been with someone for a long time is a great feeling too.

    I love your negotiation on the cat – I thought the only hypoallergenic ones were hairless. I desperately want a rabbit or cat but, like Corporate, Josh is allergic. That is an awesome option!

  3. @ Kyla ~ Oh yeah… the nerves and tension usually kill me too; but with Mackenzie they had a bit of history so the nerves weren’t as bad… Which made the first date that much more awesome.

    Haha thanks!! I thought so too until I found that website; lucky for me I can still have George Michael!!

  4. It is so wonderful to see those relationships that do work through it all. They survive the arguments, the passion, the agreeing to disagree after years of not doing so… they endure the drama, the financial issues, the family issues, and moments of challenge…and yet his heart still beats a little faster when he hears her voice or her smile is still a bit goofy when she sees him walk into a room… you know what I mean? They might think back on the romantic chatter of their first dates etc and long for just a piece of that excitement, but they recognize just how much they have in one another and still feel that excitement and love.

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by. Also, I hope your eye gets better.

    I’m hoping to have some serious first memories pop up soon. It’s about damn time.

  6. Lovely story Carrie … and you are spot-on with what you say about first dates, kisses and so on. I don’t run with girlish glee after but I do leave with a Cheshire cat grin from ear to ear.

    Fortunately I don’t go through the nerves and tension part that has been mentioned … what happens, happens

  7. @ Exception ~ I agree whole-heartedly; it IS wonderful to see both situations, be they fabulous first dates or long term relationships that still maintain that spark.

    @ eatsbugs ~ Hi! Thank YOU for stopping by!

  8. @ George ~ Thank you very much… I also don’t think most men run with girlish glee, but must have a smile or some sorts… and it’s good to know that it’s true!

  9. Those emotions and hapless feelings from the flutter in your stomach to the burn in your cheeks is unmistakable and I, too, hope that everyone gets to feel it at least once in their lives…but you’re damn straight that a pair of great hsoes is a close second!

  10. @ Princess Extraordinaire ~ There is just that something about new shoes that makes my cheeks burn too!!!

  11. What??? Vicarious first date? Who went on a date? Was it me? No, it wasn’t…. I miss you too! I was thinking about getting you a thailand present but I haven’t decided on what yet…
    Oh, I went to Cambodia, it was le awesome

  12. @ Christie ~ I love how I can read what you said and NOT be surprised and or shocked. I love you and miss you SO much!!!

  13. *Loki Speaks*
    Leave this for unenlightened.(points to the donation can). Poverty is for the gullible-it’s another way the Church is trying to control you. You take that money you’ve been collecting for your parish and go get yourself a nice dress, fix yourself up, and go find some man or woman you can connect with – if even for a moment. Because that’s all that life is, Sister – A series of moments.

    Why don’t you seize yours?

    I apologies up front if your catholic, hate Dogma or kevin james. Sorry, I had to. My favorite quote from one of my favorite movies.

    Hope your eye gets to feeling better 😉

  14. @ K ~ hahaha no! That’s hilarious and true. I’m not Catholic, haven’t seen Dogma and I don’t mind Kevin James. It’s a great line and it’s eerily similar to what I’ve done this past week. Thanks for stopping by – I really enjoyed your blog!

  15. I long for a wonderful date like you mention, with a good HOH. 🙂

  16. hehe, I’ve been trying to find a place where you said couch and I finally found it.

    It’s cooch. Not couch …. 😛

  17. @ brookem ~ don’t we all? And yes, I thought of you when Mac mentioned the fabulous HOH!

    @ K ~ A hahahaha!!

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