Music Makes The People

… come together

I need your help. Well, make that advice. I recently had to say goodbye to an old friend, my iPod mini, after 2 and a half years of somewhat loyal service. I say somewhat because, like any kind of relationship, things started out well and we were inseperable… and then he (my iPods name is Damian; I will explain later) started to get fuzzy: as in the screen would mysteriously go blank. The music still played, but I couldn’t see what I was going to listen to, or was listening to. At first it only happened once in a while, and I attribuited it to my tendency to destroy technology. But then it happened more than once in a while, to most of the time, to I was lucky if I got to see my screen for more than 2 hours. Because the battery would die, even after charging it all night.

So thanks to the high Canadian LoonieLoonie! (also known as a dollar) and my student discount, I ventured to the Apple website to purchase my new iPod – isn’t he lovely? And ever since I got him in the mail, it’s been a match made in Apple heaven. I can see my screen, the battery has yet to die, and every time I reach into my pocket I mistake my bus pass for Damain. It’s THAT thin.

Anyway after uploading all of my music and every extra cd I’ve found at home, I still have almost 5 Gs to fill with music and lyrics. So I was wondering if you could recommend to me any and all music you can’t get enough of. Artists, albums, that song you just heard on the radio/computer that you liked… Throw ’em my way!


~ by Carrie on October 16, 2007.

9 Responses to “Music Makes The People”

  1. Sam Roberts. The Killers. Feist. Tragically Hip. Coldplay (duh). I can’t think of any more now ….

  2. Jessica Andrews – especially “Who I am” and “summer Girl”

    Flogging Molly – everything is amazing (and very different from JA!)

    Tristan Prettyman – especially “Simple as it Should Be!”

  3. i am having similar issues with gabe, my ipod.
    hmm… suggestions. defintiely second the feist one, also…
    damien rice, ben harper, joshua radin, joe purdy, cary brothers, schulyer fisk, maria mena, regina spektor…..

  4. Man, all us ladies have such similar taste! I was going to say the Tragically Hip, Joe Purdy and Feist. But to be new and cool, I will add Stereo Fuse, Buffalo Tom and Beyonce. Because everyone needs some Beyonce. Oh, and the White Stripes.

  5. How about some Latin music to get you moving … Cleo Laine has an amazing voice (jazz) … most of the sixties stuff … take a peek at my Canadian Music Friday for the past couple of months that I have been posting it … and it is all Canadian (except for 1 (Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley … 3 Canadian versions on that page)

  6. Hey

    i like to hit the 80’s music at times – it’s fun, and I love old school Madonna and Prince. and van halen I loved them! I upgraded my ipod so I know how you feel but they are great gadgets that’s for sure.

  7. Everything brookem suggested… Jully Black album is pretty good. Jill Scott (especially the first album) still rocks my world.

  8. how did you get a student discount for your ipod? I’ve been looking to update and a discount would be nice since I’m still in school until December. can you use it at too?

  9. I just posted a very similar post to this one. It’s crazy! I loved my mini, but it just wasn’t working anymore.

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