The Eternal Struggle

My eyes are watering.

My vision is blurred.

My index finger is set: poised just as I was instructed months ago, a delicate balancing act not quite perfected in this once-a-month dance I do.

I sit in my pyjamas with CSI blaring in the background, perched on top of the bathroom counter, one elbow on the ledge of sanity, the other bent, set, ready.

Damnit. Close, but no dice.

I blink a few times to ease out whatever it is that’s irritating me. Dust? An errant eye lash? The mental image of what I am trying to do?

A deep breath. An audible sigh.

One more time. Seriously, it’s only been 20 minutes. What’s the rush?

I blink. Is it in? Look up, down, all around.

My vision is clear. Holla back girl!!

My eyes are still watery, but hey. That’s what they’re for.

I sit back down on my futon to relax – a kleenex in one hand and tea in the other. Victory is mine!!

Crap. CSI has finished. Oh well – it’s ok. I’m watching Spike: another episode will be on in 2 minutes.

God I can’t wait for Laser Eye surgery.


~ by Carrie on October 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Eternal Struggle”

  1. I stopped wearing contacts a dozen years ago and have worn glasses since. Glasses make me almost look like I might know something

  2. PS … a woman wearing the right glasses can look astoundingly beautiful

  3. I can’t relate and I hope I never have to!

  4. They should rename Spike tv “CSI: All the time”.

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