Breakfast At Gina’s

Before I begin – I apologise for my absence: nursing school is taking up SO much time!  I’ve got a collective 50 hours of class/clinical a week, so 10 hours a day, on top of my 5 hours of working out and maybe some laundry and sleeping in between.  But I’ve missed you – and hope the feeling is mutual!

I just got back from a 6 year old tradition with my girlfriends – meeting up at a tiny little diner in the downtown core of our city for an hour or 3 of greasy food, endless coffee and fantastic conversation.   With Mackenzie back in town for Canadian Thanksgiving, what better way to celebrate than Breakfast at Gina’s?

Nicole in particular was adament that everyone who was in town showed up: I know this because I was awoken at 9:00 am by her text message asking if I was still coming (breakfast wasn’t for another 2 hours, so natually I went back to sleep only to wake up and arrive late – but with fabulous looking hair!).  She, like the rest of us still in the city, were so excited to welcome everyone back into our lives- be they in Toronto, Montreal, or just not available at any time of the month.  With everyone moving on to the next phase of their lives, it’s nice to stop once in a while to catch up before we all move too far away.

The girls I speak of are from high school – almost 5 years ago we were all together every day of the week, wearing the same uniform, eating in the same upper caf, attending the same parties and dances, shopping at the same stores, and discussing the same universities we’d attend to keep our friendships strong until the end of time.  And now?  It’s funny how things work out.  While we are all still in this together, we aren’t in the way we thought we’d be.

Mackenzie is in Toronto – and her stylish appearance and witty remarks solidify the nature of her current residence.  Nicole is in Ottawa – same and lovely as usual.  Kerry (yes we have the same name!) is also in Ottawa – new school and new responsibilities, new men and a new outlook on life.  Abby is too in Ottawa – just starting her career as a nurse.  And another friend, let’s call her Eva, is too in Ottawa – new man, same school…

I had been thinking, quite often, about the fact that a majority of my good friends, my best friends, have or will move away in the near future.  Angelica to Edmonton, Christie to Thailand, Mackenzie to Toronto… and it made me really upset.  I mean, I’m not used to being the one left behind so to speak in the sense that each one of my girlfriends are moving on and I’m still stuck in the same-old same old.  But more than that, I worried that our friendship might suffer or disappear altogether- and that hurts more than being the one left out.

I arrived at breakfast with a heavy heart – happy to see everyone, but sad with the wonder of ‘is it all the same, or will it all change?’.  My friends are the loves of my life; and as much as I love Corporate and everything that he is to me – my girlfriends know me in a way that he never will. 

While walking home this cold, rainy October morning (which, yesterday might I add I was wearing flip flops…) I got to thinking about friendships.  I realize that this might be the last year that I get to see many of my girlfriends on a semi-regular basis – most importantly Mackenzie, who although we haven’t spoken as much as we used to, I can still look at her and she at me and know exactly what the other is thinking – and it made me smile knowing how lucky I am to have each of these girls in my life in any capacity.  That although friendships do come and go – a certain number of special ones remain special… even when they are far away.


~ by Carrie on October 6, 2007.

9 Responses to “Breakfast At Gina’s”

  1. sounds like a great tradition you got goin there with the ladies. it is possible to stay in touch. sure, things will change… people will move away, marry, have babies, etc. but so long as you all work to keep the tradition going, it can work, this is know to be true. six of us lived together in college, and we’ve all kept in touch, even though we are scattered about, living separate lives than we were once so used to.
    have a great thanksgiving!

  2. You’ve got quite a few friends in your neck of the woods! Just think of it in the sense that if ever you want to visit your friends (because really in this day and age of technology and instant messaging and emails, it’s a lot more harder to lose touch with someone you care and love) you get to make a trip out of it! And who can argue with an extended vacation? 🙂

  3. Sounds like though they may roam, you have great times when they’re around!

  4. I love that you have a tradition, I think that’s awesome! Things will change and life will happen…but I hope your friendships stay strong though.
    Sounds like you’ve been incredibly busy, hope things calm down a bit for you!

  5. Ladies who lunch, or more particularly, friends who lunch, never lose their space in your heart. They’re always there, whenever you need them. And thanks to technology, they’re never too far to talk to.

  6. Ahhh you and your friends remind me of ME and my friends. I’ve often felt something similar to what you are feeling- the ‘is this going to end?!” sort of panic, and as someone who is one year into friends who’ve moved far away, scattered across the globe, I will say that it is more work, but it really makes the time you do get together (hello thanksgiving holiday!) extra wonderful.

  7. I’m flying home to Otwon next week and I’m soooo lookign forward to things I cant do here, like shop at Lush, eat at Milestones, continue wearing fall-appropriate cothing (whereas here we’re into toques and mitts already) AND doing the traditional things with my GIRLS

  8. Beautiful post. It made me a little nostalgic about old friends that I have grown apart from as we grew up and went our separate ways. But you know, even if you don’t see your good friends all the time, I find that when you do see each other, it’s like nothing has changed. You are still the same friends that you always were.

  9. I had almost given up on seeing another word from you young lady … I am glad you’re back. As time passes those once close to you get further and further away, especially as friendships start to stretch across the country, the continent, the world, the universe. You develop new interests, new ideas, new friends as a single and as a couple. One day 20 years from now you will meet up with one of your best friends from a previous life and you won’t know what to talk about.

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