Once upon a second-time around…

This past Labour Day weekend – and I still can’t believe I missed it – marked the one (1) year anniversay that yours truly started sleeping with Corporate again. Not as romantic as these stories start out, I know, but there really is no other way to say it. Technically speaking, I agreed to try it over again in November… but for our parents sake, we say September.

Ha… look at me; already using the W word – “we”.

Despite the trials and tribulations of the past year (*cough The American cough*) Corporate and I are going pretty strong… sometimes a little too strong for me. Don’t get me wrong here – sometimes it’s really cute ; like the day he suggested that we get the ‘Couples Plan’ from Telus to cut down on our long distance phone bills, and the day spent furniature shopping and my opinion was taken as word from a God… and not to mention the amounts of PDA in front of his parents. Corporate is attentive, eager, committed, looking towards the future… everything that he wasn’t back in 2004. Some days I can’t believe it – and most days my friends can’t even believe it. Especially a few friends of mine, but one in particular… my dear dear friend… let’s call her Brooklyn – really can’t believe the changes in Corporate.

I mention this because on Saturday my friends and will be celebrating my 23rd (early; I’m actually born on the 24th but it’s a Monday) birthday at Metropolitan Brasserie – a cute little bar that’s seen it’s fair share of my relationship woes but does a killer martini called “Nicer in Nice” – a personal favourite of yours truly. This is the bar that “Ken” – a 24 year old Masters in Political Science wouldn’t meet me at for a drink but offered to show up later in the evening at my place *wink wink*; the restaurant that Brunswick desperately vied for me back; the stool where Mackenzie and I sat drinking on the tab of Dr. McSketchy, an American surgeon in Ottawa for a conference who kept interrupting our conversations but ended up buying our (many) drinks. Yes – this is the bar that’s seen my highs and lows, the martini’s I’ve downed in the company of others and just me… and on this Saturday it will witness the first reunion, so to speak, of the girls who stood by me during those awful days when Corporate was as asshole and I was a naive heartbroken 19 year old girl – an ex-fiancee before she even had her full drivers license.

So I guess I can’t blame Brooklyn for not immediately embracing the new relationship that has emerged after this year, nor for not taking at face value the changes that Corporate has shown throughout the years we’ve had apart and the year we’ve had together. I mean – it is a fundamental question she makes me ask myself; can people, not just men, really change? I know that men and women only change when they want to change, usually when they want something. But I can’t help but wonder – how long can this change really last?

I remember the coffee date Brooklyn and I had back in November of 2006 – we just sat there, letting our white hot chocolates get cold and solid, looking at each other with equal disbelief; her hearing that I was back with Corporate, and me saying it. In her own silent, cynical way she accepted the fact that he and I were somewhat together – but always remained that little bit skeptical (for which I love her dearly for) that Corporate really truly had changed; that he wasn’t going to stab me in the back again and leave me high and dry, heart broken and lost with no hope for the future, but a good 10 pounds lighter than when I was first with him.

Sidebar: and on that note – yours truly has lost 4.5 pounds in the past 2 weeks. Here here for healthy weight loss!

I accept that this ‘happily ever after’ ending so to speak, is usually only heard from a friend of a friend who knows a girl in another city altogether. I mean – if it wasn’t happening to me I’d say that it was completely made up, or taken from a certain fabulous show or a relationship-myth that never really happened. But this is happening; it did happen and it is still happening. So in a way not only am I celebrating my 23rd birthday (with braces, unfortunately; but that’s another post altogether) I’m also celebrating the re-emergence of hope in the concept of love, and of second times around, and that if it is truly meant to be, it will be.

Because let’s face it; sometimes there is nothing better than being told that you’re The One. Especially when those words are a long time coming.


~ by Carrie on September 20, 2007.

14 Responses to “Evolution”

  1. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on the happy ending. That feeling is the best in the entire world!!!

  2. Curious – and off point I am sure – but why the September for your parents?

    I didn’t get braces until I was in my mid-20’s… I hope you don’t have them for long!

    Happy Birthday!!

    Fairy tales can come true and people do change. I am not sure how old corporate is, but I think that people change (can change) a lot during their 20’s as they mature and find love, loss, priorities, grief, success… it is a decade that is all about self discovery.

    Now, if he is in his 30’s… that is a different story! 😉

  3. I’m glad Corporate is changing for the better for you! I like that he is affectionate in front of his parents. That seems to be something guys have a hard time doing, at times.

  4. @ K ~ Thank you so much!!

    @ The Exception ~ It’s just easier and less awkward to say that we started seeing each other in September than we started sleeping together and then started dating 2 months afterwards… That’s it. RE: braces – they will be off in 6 months, so it will be one hell of a St. Paddy’s day that is for sure!

    He’s 23… so I guess this is the era for self discovery and change; Thank goodness for that!

    @ A Life Uncommon ~ I know eh? That’s why I was so taken aback with the PDA right in front of his parents… and very much surprised and happy with it too!

  5. i’m happy for you… that you are so happy! sounds like things are going well in the love dept. and im glad to hear that corporate seems to have his act together! you deserve the best. have a great bday lady!

  6. OMG your soo young I want to hurt you! LOL girl I just bought a house with my boyfriend maybe I should have went for the telus plan 🙂 Glad things are going well with your man.

  7. Happy early birthday sweets! Hope its all sorts of fabulous!!!
    I think people can change but on their own time, when they are ready to and when they want to do so. If you had been urging the change I’d say bad plan but if he’s doing the growing up all on his own then I’d think the changes are here to stay.

  8. Carrie, that’s wonderful news and I certainly hope it remains that way, forever.
    Happy birthday sweet little girl … may many more be in your future.
    People changing is a very difficult thing to do … as we get older (and I hear it start at age 23) it does get more difficult to change as our traits and habits become more ingrained. I wish you all the luck you can possibly hold.
    You are absolutely correct when you say that if it is meant to be then it will be good.

    Happy birthday, have a great time at the brasserie (being from Quebec originally we used to think of them more as taverns than bars … times change) and have a wonderful celebration of life and love.

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy B lated Birthday carrie!

  11. AWWWW…you’re happy! That makes me happy, Carrie. They say love is a many splendored thing, so if you’re lucky enough to have it, hold on to it…and swing on it til’ the sun rises…LOL(that’s a little humor in reference to your last post)! But seriously, it’s nice to know people can change for the better. It gives hope…especially for those who think some will never change (AKA Colette…). I really hope it all works out for you, this time around. Best of luck! And…happy belated birthday! Hope you have a year of wonderful blog-worthy adventures!

    P.S. I did get that Bahama postcard…finally! I know! Damn post office…took forever. And also…I still want your help moving my blog to wordpress, so get back in touch with me! Cuz I definately need your help!

  12. Happy Birthday lady!! And I’m with the others in saying that I’m glad your man has made the changes that you needed. Sounds like you are in a good place right now. Congratulations!

  13. Just to hear that you’re “The One” is sometimes all it takes. Who knew that two words could be more powerful than three (I love you)?

  14. Well…..I hope it sticks. I feel like that’s an amazing thing to hear, but when you’ve heard it a few times and then the dudes peace out, it just hmm….doesn’t work for ya.

    But I’m happy for you and hoping you have an even HAPPIER Birthday!!! Good for you that you have kept up such a strong, brave heart throughout all of this. I am impressed.

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