Bang Bang!

… that awful sound 

I have decided that karma, or some other form of retribution, has thoroughly declared war on any and all of my attempts to erase my ever-increasing, ever straining sleep debt.  Not since the Sunday in the fall semester when I managed to fall asleep at 7:00 pm only to wake at 7:00 am have I managed to get enough sleep to feel rested (as supposed to even more tired, which happens surprisingly often) and not lose too much ADL time.   

Anyway, this Sunday was to be my latest attempt to sleep early and sleep well.  After dinner and a glass of Chilean red with Vegas’ family, he drove me home (and of course an hour later) I was set and ready for a good nights sleep.  I had been extremely tired since Friday morning – which I will blame Vegas for and say no more – and my social calendar being somewhat full I couldn’t get to bed until early Saturday morning, and the weekend just followed suit from there.  Point being, last night around 9 ish yours truly, as cool as can be, was out like a shoulder padded bright yellow blazer. 

For 2hours I drifted in and out of dreams, some guided by my desires and anticipation of shopping on the Champs Elysee and then, when realizing that everything on that street is a pipedream to yours truly, hunting for those bargain shops that carry last years couture, and some dreams guided by whatever was playing on the radio I had accidentally left on beside my bed.  Either way I was blissful, I was relaxed, and I was half naked – but I didn’t care.  I wasn’t planning on moving from my burgundy sheets and nova top mattress until my alarm clocks rang at 6:00 in the morning for the gym.  But then, all of a sudden…  BANG BANG!  

“Carrie! You getting up?” 

Startled and confused (and more importantly, still half naked) I opened my eyes to see the clock, wondering if I had again slept in and missed the gym and possibly breakfast at work.  As my eyes adjusted to both the waking state and the contacts still in them, I saw that it was actually 11:34 pm.  “What the hell?” I said as I smacked the snooze button on my clock only to hear the familiar, incessant, annoying and terrible sound of – yes – the fire alarm.   

“Oh shit.” Registering this I flung my legs to the side of my bed and reached for the first pair of pants I could find – huge boy sleep pants with red, white and black polka dots, and my red lululemon zip up hoodie.  I walked out the door to find my roommate – let’s call her Monica calmly waiting for me in her pink pj pants and blue sweater, glasses on and hair up, and as I tried in vain to tame my fro we slipped on our shoes and walked down the hall to the stairwell and downstairs.  Neither Monica nor I even thought of taking anything of value – our purses, our phones, my MacBook, my Manolos… but I guess that hearing the fire alarm just makes your body go “get out!!” So that’s what we did. 

We arrived outside to a surprisingly small number of people.  Still dazed and confused from my rapid waking, I was about to get really angry if this turned out to be just a drill, which my building is known to have from time to time.  That is, until I saw 3 firetrucks outside of the building and a glorious number of firemen entering my tower carrying the usual arsenal of fire fighting equipment.  Of course”, I think, when I am wearing the most atrocious sleep wear combination sans make up and hair going everywhere do hot firefighters decide to show up at my front door. 

We waited for what seemed like forever, knowing that every minute I spent awake was equivalent to at least 10 minutes of not being able to fall back to sleep.  When we finally arrived back in the apartment, when the smoke had cleared and the fire trucks moved down the street, it was very late and I was trapped in that state of being tired but unable to fall asleep.  As I lay in my bed hearing the fire trucks leave, I looked over at my clock – 1:00 am – and shook my head.  At least I could hear the fire alarm after I had woken and at least I have a roommate who would get me up, and at least my girl friend who lives kiddie corner to my building even heard the alarm … but seriously? Damnit!  

Needless to say, yours truly did NOT make it to the gym this morning.  In fact, I’m surprised I even made it to work.  As I sit here in the morning, my coffee already cold and my eyes wide shut – I am really, really, really looking forward to my vacation.


~ by Carrie on May 28, 2007.

13 Responses to “Bang Bang!”

  1. Firefighters ALWAYS get me. I remember fire drills in high school and the firemen would come to time and us lord willin if I didn’t find a reason to drop something, giggle loud right beside one or in earshot say, “Damn, they get cuter every time.”

  2. you had me at: “as cool as can be, was out like a shoulder padded bright yellow blazer.” haha!
    i had that feeling of being so sleep deprived. when’s your vaca?

  3. Be thankful it wasn’t in the winter. 90 minutes outside … that’s long, even when it is warm.

  4. You had me at hot firefighters.

  5. I love it when the the firefighters show up at my work- the patients often pull the alarm

    I hear ya about the lack of sleep I work shift work I feel your pain, I have started to take naps like a child during the day, I get it when I can basically

  6. Ooooh I like the new layout and the new blog abode 😉

  7. Hello from Seattle.

  8. @ ATS: What IS it about firefighters that are so attractive? I mean – I met 4 or 5 at a charity gala 2 years ago and they are all over themselves. I even heard one say ‘silly women. When I pass them on the street they don’t even give me a second glance but as soon as I put on the uniform…” (you can guess what they were saying next).

    @ brookem: I leave for Europe tomorrow!! Holy crap!!

    @ George: Very much so. I’ve been told that if it was in the winter and it was for a long time, the city would send city buses for us to be on, which is great… but still my goodness.

    @ Airam: Mmm yes… they were quite hot. And one was even polite!

  9. @ B: Which floor do you work on? I’ve only done about 4 rotations so you’re much more knowledgeable in this area – do pt. really pull the alarm? We’ve had 2 so far at the Gen and it’s scary as hell for pts, especially bed ridden ones.
    Any sleep-related advice/any advice to a soon-to-be RN grad? I have one academic year left and then its my consolidation!

    @ Princess Banter: Thank you kindly! I am really happy with WordPress – not to say that I didn’t enjoy Blogger, but this server has done no wrong … yet.
    @ Thomas: Hi from Ottawa!! Glad you stopped by!! I’ve heard lovely things about Seattle!

  10. you know….I’ve only seen hot fire fighters on television shows. My cousin is marrying one and let me tell you is is everything BUT good looking. No offense to my cousin heh.

    So I guess they aren’t a myth? I pretty much bunched hot firefighters in with the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot.

  11. At least your Manolos were safe from the fire. That’s one thing to be grateful for!

    I have a huge thing for firefighters. I just recently purchased renter’s insurance (Shame on me for never having it before!)I have joked that now I could start a small fire in my apartment just so I could ogle the hot fireman and now I would not have to worry about not being compensated on the things I ruined. Of course, I am totally joking, but one can fantasize…

  12. That SUCKS! You poor thing. As someone who relishes every moment of my required 8-10 hours a night, I feel your pain.

    And, do NOT feel bad for skipping the gym. CLEARLY you’re burning more calories than usual since you’re awake more 🙂

    I wish you sugar plum dreams very soon 🙂

  13. The amount of rain that Seattle is reported to get is quite exaggerated too.

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