You’re A Good Man, Mike Fisher

As a rabid fan of the Ottawa Senators since returning to Canada in 1997 out of love and loyalty to the city I was born to, I am fully aware and guilty of being engulfed by the playoff atmosphere, by the hype and hope of a bunch of talented, attractive, rich-beyond-words men playing a game.  Yes, a game.   I realize that it is important for Canada to win the Stanley Cup – which is why I cheered for Calgary and Edmonton during their runs, while I will cheer for every Canadian team who is left year after year to bring her home… but at the end of the season, when the final puck has dropped, the final buzzer goes, the stadium empties and the players go home … it’s just a game. 

I remember the Sens mile – the party downtown.  The high-fives and horn-honking.  The copious amounts of beer I guzzled, the screaming, the pom poms flying, the wind in my hair as I ran down Laurier to get to Elgin Street.  I still have the blisters on my heels as a reminder of the night, but what I will forever remember from this weekend is the article in the Citizen about a special little guy named Elgin-Alexander Fraser and a special man named Mike Fisher. 

If you follow the link it will lead to a blog with both stories – but just for this blogs sake I will recap for you – Elgin was a 3 year old who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  One of his wishes was to meet the players – and he did at a practice.  He was even on the ice and skated with the team, took a ride in Mike Fisher’s arms, and scored a goal on Ray Emery.   This picture was on the front page news of the Ottawa Sun and is probably the most beautiful photograph I’ve ever seen. Elgin and Mike FisherBut the story doesn’t stop there. 

Elgin was at game 4, a loss, and met the team again afterwards.  As cliché as it is, defenseman Chris Phillips promised the cute little boy that the Sens would win the next game, game 5, in Buffalo.  Not an easy feat as both the team and the fans in Buffalo are spectacular.  (I would also like to take this moment to apologize on behalf of the stupid, atrocious, disrespectful, disgraceful Ottawa ‘fan’ – most likely fair-weather fan – who assaulted the female Buffalo fan at game 4.  Ottawans are really NOT like that at all, at least not true fans.  I am disgusted and saddened by that news and I am deeply sorry that it happened).

The day before the team left to play game 5, Mike Fisher visited Elgin at his home – yes, at his home – and stayed for a few hours – yes, a few hours – playing cars and watching movies with the little boy.   Imagine that: a superstar with the lady fans and a solid 2-3rd line centre with heart for the male fans, a millionaire … with no press at the time, no cameras, no word until afterwards… going significantly out of his way, above and beyond what was hoped for because he cared.   All before heading out to play one of the most important games Mike’ll ever play in his life.  But as you know, the Sens did win game 5 – and Elgin managed to hold on to watch them do it.  And died only a few hours after.   

The story was run on the front pages of the Citizen and Sun – but the majority of it was about little Elgin.  There was a tiny blurb of Mike’s visit to Elgin and a quote from Mike saying that it was he who was blessed to spend time with the little boy.  I could hear a collective ‘really?’ from the Ottawa fans who knew nothing of his follow up visit to the boy.  It is not uncommon to find the team at CHEO visiting sick children, but it IS uncommon to learn that there are some players like Mike Fisher (and Antoine Vermette, who visited a car crash victim in her home and kissed her twice on the cheek) who extend their duties to the community that worships the ground they walk on without making it into a public spectacle.   

I met Mike Fisher almost 3 years ago at the Sens At Your Service charity event.   Quiet and shy but always polite, we spoke with ease as I tried not to get lost in those baby blues and his gentle drawl of a voice.  I liked him back then and my like for him grew from stories of puck bunnies ‘running into’ players at the bar.  While the usual suspects were – as anothertwentysomething so eloquently put – dripping skinny beauties, Mike is the silent one, shy even, and you never ever hear of him being a man whore or watch his money disappear up his nose.  Instead you see him fishing with his mother or going to church on Sundays.  And now you hear this, and I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t help but smile as the tears fell from my eyes. 

I doubt that you’ll ever read this Mike – but you are a good man.  I respect and fawn over Spezza and Emery as playas (that is not a typo) but you sir I respect as a player and as a man.   You are the every day man in a sport that breeds invincible gods and you haven’t let your talent, money and good looks go to your head.  Thank you for what you did for Elgin, for the children at CHEO, for the city of Ottawa, and for hockey players all around.  You give me hope that there are still good ones out there – even if you (and Vermette) are the only ones*.   

*And on that note: I sincerely hope I am wrong.


~ by Carrie on May 22, 2007.

29 Responses to “You’re A Good Man, Mike Fisher”

  1. Ok, so I left a comment yesterday, but I guess it just didnt save or something…weird. Any hoozlebees…OMG! Carrie! I love your new blog! Not that your old one was bad, but I am liking this whole new look. I’m tempted to change mine, but I’m so scared to lose everything, you know? Maybe we can get together, (online of course) and you can help me change my blog? You know, once your done with your fabulously enticing life.

    And I totally loved your celebrity story. I love hearing stories about celebrities who do good. It’s a nice change…especially when you hear about celebrities who think the world owes them somthing. It’s like, “Hello! You were in ‘Baby Geniuses’…get over yourself!” And I sincerely hope you are wrong too, about there being only a few good celebrities out there…

  2. Wow what a great story. Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

  3. That’s a great story and what a cute kid. His poor, poor parents. And just so you know, I’m a loyal Flames fan but am pulling for the Sens for the Cup. However, I could never cheer for any Canadian team. I’m sorry … but as a Flames fan, I could never EVER cheer for the Oilers or Canucks. Boo.

  4. First things first- That was a well written and deeply moving piece of writing Miss Carrie, and one that confirms why you are on my blogroll and why I can’t get enough of what you say. Though I wasn’t aware of the story before you told it, you wrote it in such a way I’m sure the newspaper articles paled in comparison. Nice work! Secondly, I love the new blog layout. Isn’t wordpress fantastic?? And lastly, I’m sure this could start a Canadian blogger war of words but I have to say, as a Canadian, and as a hockey fan it just seems like it makes the most sense to cheer for whatever Canadian team is left in the finals. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a favourite team (the Habs), but to me, part of being Canadian is cheering for whoever is still standing. Hockey just seems like such a Canadian sport and to not cheer for a team because ot their location seems wrong. Sorry Brrr, you know I love you but we just disagree here I guess. I suppose I just like the idea of knowing that if the Habs aren’t in the finals (and let’s face it, it hasn’t happened in awhile) that all across the country Canadians will band together and cheer for whatever team IS in the finals. And now I will get off my soapbox.

  5. Beautiful post Carrie! I’m so happy Elgin got his wish, and more.
    I agree with you and Brandy in that I will cheer ANY Canadian team to the Cup regardless of how I feel during reg season.

  6. What a wonderful story. This guy truly does sound like a good one. What a heart!

  7. I dig the new blog and go Sens! Squash them Ducks.

  8. Great post – great story!

  9. What a sadly beautiful story. I know the anguish a parent can have at times of illness … my son was rushed to intensive care when he was 12 days old (Christmas day actually) fighting for his life. I aged a hundred years in those couple of days. My son survived and is now big and strong at 12 yrs of age. I don’t know what I would have done if he had not survived.

    My son has picked the Sens for the cup so, naturally, I have to pick the Ducks.

    You are a beautiful writer Carrie.

  10. @ David — Hi sweetie! Good to have you back! Thanks: we’ll chat about wordpress in a bit. I love good celebrity stories too, especially when it’s a story that someone ELSE broke, ie not their agent. It makes their good deed even greater.

    @ Airam — Hi! Thanks for stopping by! And you’re very welcome, but you should thank Mike Fisher for the action that inspired the story.

    @ Brrrr — Ah the Flames. I was really sad to watch them go, the more Canadian teams we have the better. And I understand you not being able to cheer for Edmonton: it’s the Battle of Alberta, much like the hard-cores here with the Battle of Ontario.

    @ brandy — Thank you Miss. Brandy! I am so happy you enjoyed the re-telling of a great story of the great actions of a great man. And I am blushing: you’re too kind – but I appreciate your compliments as there is no greater compliment than ones from your peers!

  11. @ Ruby — Thank you so much! Elgin looked SO happy in the photographs that were run in the Sun and I’m sure the more personal ones his family can treasure for the rest of their lives too, which is what matters most.

    @ The Exception — Mike Fisher had heart on the ice and off, which is what truly matters.

    @ egan — Hi!! Thanks for stopping by! Thank you; I’m happy everyone seems to enjoy the new look!

    @ Desiree — Thanks girl!!

    @ George — Thank you so much. There is SO much that celebrities can do for sick children, even if it’s just stopping by and saying hello. The Sens visit CHEO on a regular basis but this was above and beyond, and Mike (although humble and quiet) SHOULD be recognized for doing such an amazing thing for Elgin and for his family.

  12. […] know, some of you may hate the one I picked but I love it. Scruff just gets me.) So is a man named Mike Fischer who you should know about. It may cause you to think of hockey stars as more than people who can […]

  13. not to brag but mike fisher my second cousin. hes a great guy and hell never stop loving and caring for others. but one of those reasons he so humble, quit and loving is cause hes a christian and he does whatever it takes to follow god. some day i hope i can be where mike is today. im 14 and hopefully when im his age or younger i can be like mike.

  14. @ Mike ~ Hi there; thanks for stopping by! And no worries about bragging- if Mike Fisher was MY cousin you bet I’d be bragging!

    I won’t get into semantics here about religion and whatnot, but it does make me smile knowing that there are true believers (in EVERY religion) that walk the talk. Mike is one of them for Christians, and as a Christian you should be very proud of him. As a non-Christian and non-family member I am very proud of him.

    Best of luck in all that you do!


  15. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  16. @ Maximus ~ Me too… but I don’t know Mike Fisher haha. I wish I did that’s for sure!

  17. […] front-runners are Jason Spezza, Mike Fisher, Dany Heatley, and Anton Volchenkov.  My brother has Alfredsson so he’s out of the question, […]

  18. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  19. Make love, not war!

  20. @ Tesarorne ~ Uh… thanks?

  21. @ music ~ Uh… thanks?

  22. Just came across this blog entry as, well… you know… surfing the internet can take you from link to link to link to link, and so on. Needless to say, I suppose that’s the beauty of the internet, when you start out looking to see if my dopey Rangers have finally inked a deal with Brandon Dubinsky, and the next thing you know… I’m reading this incredible story about Mike Fisher. With that in mind, THANK YOU for taking the time to post. THANK YOU for letting us know about this amazing act of generosity. And of course… THANK YOU, Mike Fisher… for having made it all happen. Whether we’re Rangers Fans or Ottawa Fans, one thing’s for sure… this league provides us with plenty of great story-lines to get our competitive fires going… but it also gives us some great story-lines to appreciate some of the true gentlemen and humanitarians we’re blessed with playing in our great Game. Again, awesome post. And good luck in the upcoming season. Go Rangers! 😉

  23. Carrie: My name is Victoria. I am Elgin’s mother. Your story was very well written. Mike is a wonderful guy, and we still keep in touch.

    With all of this Fisher talk please do not forget the big heart of Chris Phillips. He and his wife Erin are the ones that set up our visit during the sens practice. They came by our house on Elgin’s 3rd birthday to play road hockey with him and even brought him a sens cake! They still keep in touch as well.

    We also spent some time with Dean McAmmond after the practice. Alot of those guys at practice are special to us. They all treated Elgin as a friend that day. We appreciate them all.

  24. Beautiful article. Thank you.
    ~from a Capitals fan

  25. […] monstrosity. Materialism aside, he seems like a good catch. He’s hunky and –  according to one fan’s gushing blog post – a sexy, brooding, charitable, generous, shy prude. In short – every girl’s dream. [Photo: […]

  26. I thnk that Carrie and Mike make a great couple!

  27. Mike, Carrie is a gift from God to you and I pray your lives together with a daily devotion to Jesus is the best way to live a married life. You will never regret doing it Gods way. Respect. Each other and never go to bed with unforgivness in your heart. It will be waiting for you the next day. Always be quick to forgive.

  28. Wow…I never
    hear of Mike
    until Carrie
    him..I knew
    he was a
    Christian man.

    I’m fighting
    a long term
    illness and
    now cancer…
    Very hard…
    How does one
    contact MIKE?

    Carrie Underwood is
    very blessed
    to have him
    I hope she
    puts family

    thank you
    for sharing
    the story.

  29. Thats my best friends uncle!!!! How lucky is she??

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