Ottawa Eats!

Thank you to the charming Mr.WriteNow for tagging yours truly (again) in a blog-related pursuit of knowledge. And since my lovely city is gaining some popularity for our quest for the Cup – in case anyone is interested in making the trek to the Capital of Canada, here are my (in my humble opinion) top 5 eats in the city of Ottawa.

1) Allium — This little bistro in the West end of the city (although currently closed due to a fire) has probably the best food I have eaten in this city. The menu is small because everything is prepared fresh, including the desserts which is highly uncommon in the restaurant business. The prices are reasonable, the service excellent, and the ambiance perfect for a beginning, middle, or an end to a lovely evening.

2) Milestones — A downtown staple, this fantastic restaurant sits atop of a cute little martini bar. The food at Milestones is excellent – my personal favourite being the steak plates. The desserts are also fantastic – I think the last time I was there I had some sort of chocolate cake with a pecan crust… mmmm…

3) Prime 360 — Yes, another steak place (sensing a trend?) just past the heart of downtown. It is here where I have had the best filet mignon EVER.. as in melt-in-your-mouth EVER… but you pay for the quality. It also helps that the servers are cute…

4) BeaverTails — Ok ok I cheat: this ISN’T a restaurant per say, but if you are going to be spending some time in the capital you simply MUST have a Beaver Tail: it is basically dough deep friend and covered with cinnamon and chocolate. It’s right up on par with a poutine from an everyday ordinary chip-truck… a lovely treat but ONLY once in a while.

5) Michels — It’s a cute little French bakery in the Rideau Centre: again not technically a restaurant, but since I am almost always eating on the run it’s the perfect compromise. The quality of food is second to none – it’s fresh, it’s fast, and it’s oh so good!!!

Oh right – I am supposed to tag 5 other people. Ok here we go:

The Exception


~ by Carrie on May 18, 2007.

11 Responses to “Ottawa Eats!”

  1. How said is it that I spent a year in Ottawa for school and not only did I not eat Beavertails but I (and this is embarassing for me to admit) never skated down the Rideau Canal.

    It’s a tragedy is what it is.

  2. We have a Milestone’s I love the pizza and the strawberry goats cheese salad- YUMMY!

  3. Yea, a new challenge! My area of this area is quite small so I will do northern VA as a whole, since it is kind of seen that way. What fun!

  4. Nice post! (And I’m not going to lie, it made me hungry!). I’m going to get thinking on this…

  5. Ok now I’m so hungry I could cry I’m nowhere near Ottawa….

  6. Great list! I’m so starving now! A friend was just telling me about BeaverTails. Thanks for thinking of me! I’ll get thinking on this and come back to you…

  7. Too bad Alium is close because it really sounds quite nice..Milestones and Prime 360 steeaks sound so good and juicy! and beaver tail??? must try that if I ever go around Ottawa

    Ps thanks for doing the tag. I hope you enjoyed it.. If you know of anyone else doing it please feel free to send me a message and I’ll update them too on the updated list of tag doers

  8. Prime 360 sounds great. I think I am in love with numbers.. any restaurant with numbers seems to be my favourtie… but then again.. I love steak.. so haha… lovely~

    Allium sounds like great… I always love my food fresh so yeah… small menu doesn’t seems to bother me much as long as they are fresh.

    Thanks for the great food tip. 😉

  9. @ Maria: Boo urns! Well if you ever come back to Ottawa Beavertails and Canal skating is a MUST! However if you’re not used to the bitter cold that is Ottawa winters then I completely understand not wanting to leave your apartment.
    @ B: Strawberry goats cheese salad?!? I am going to Milestones tonight for a farewell dinner – I might have to have that!

    @ The Exception: I used to live in DC so I know the challenge. There are SO many places in DC that VA and MD often get forgotten in the mele!

    @ brandy: Me too… Even though I just got back from lunch!

  10. @ leiselb: Well now you know where to check out should you ever make your way to Ottawa!

    @ Ruby: Oh BeaverTails… how our reputation precedes us! And you’re welcome!

    @ Nicole: Allium should be up and running soon enough – It was so popular in the West end of the city that it would be a crime to let it go! And you’re welcome! Great idea!!

    @ velverse: Hi! You’re welcome! I love steak too – there are some really great places to get one in Ottawa, but better out in the West. I’m sure Albertans will agree with me on that one!

  11. OK I’m in!! I’d love to take some time to pour over my Ottawa favourites and get all salivating and homesick, but in the interest of variety, I’ll summarize my favourite Whiehorse eats. Come try them! It’s only a gazillion miles away hahaha!

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