Red Fridays

On the road again…

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but Angelica’s fiance, Joe, is in the army. Not too long ago I received an email from Angelica, which is normally a happy moment of distraction in my otherwise dull and work-laden existance. Anyway it was an email saying that Joe had just received his ‘posting’ if you must – where he will be stationed until their wedding. And let’s just say that from where he is now and where he will be, it’s a bit too far for comfort – Angelica’s and mine.

I’ve known quite a few people who have enlisted in the army, and I’m sure that everyone who reads this does as well. I don’t have to rehash the wonderful sacrifices these brave men and women gladly make for the glory and love of their country and her allies, but what about the ones they leave behind? Perhaps I am biased because Angelica and I are a part of those the ones we love leave, but every member of family – whether it be biological, friendship or just plain old indescribable (read; Angelica & I) – is affected. Not only does it mean that Joe will be far away until the wedding, or that my dear friend, let’s call her Marilyn, leaves for training in just under a week for her ‘mission’ – it means that Angelica and I will join the sisterhood of the ones they left behind.

Oh – that and after the wedding in the summer, she’ll be relocating to that far away place until… well, until they’re stationed somewhere else. Meaning that within the space of a year I’ll be watching 3 of my greatest girlfriends leave this city to follow their dreams and begin their new lives.

And that makes me so sad.

Before I met them – I got along just fine. Well no, I lie, but I also didn’t know any better. And now that I have met them I couldn’t get along with out them – I can’t imagine my life without them. Sure phone calls and emails and mail-love is just great – but there is just something about sleepovers, 2 am junk food runs, showing up at Angelica’s falling down drunk just to manage to sober up before going to the bar, sitting in Christie’s car for hours upon end talking about absolutely nothing, managing to pick up just where Marilyn and I left off as if we had seen each other every day of our lives… those somethings just can’t be replaced. And I wouldn’t want them to be – because those girls are irreplaceable.

I know I wrote about the awkwardness of being the Fifth Wheel (which I am sure we have all or will all experience in our lives) last time I mentioned my girlfriends, but really in the end that one night doesn’t matter, or at least pales in comparison to all the love that we’ve shared, all the memories we’ve salvaged through pictures, and all the cards and gifts that are strewn across our rooms as constant reminders of the impact we’ve had on each others lives.

It’s always painful when loved ones leave – even when you’re lucky enough for them to be just a plane ride away. But you worry for them – Will they be safe? Will they find new friends? Will they forget the old ones? Will you forget them? I highly doubt that Angelica and Christie will ever be erased from my memory (or my hard drive) and I know that our friendship is strong enough to survive anything but… I guess all of you out there with girlfriends as special as these ones will understand the sensation that when they leave, it feels as if 1/3 of you is missing.

But at the same time – if you love something or someone, you let them go – and even if they don’t ever permanently come back to where you were, to where Angelica, Christie and I used to be, I know they’ll always be mine. Just like I’ll always be theirs.


~ by Carrie on April 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “Red Fridays”

  1. That was such a sweet post. I know that I have certain posts that I go back and re-read when I’m feeling nostalgic. I’m sure this will be one for you. Sounds like you have wonderful friends!

    thanks for making me shed a tear on this Friday morning — putting it all into perspective.

  2. oh this was really sweet. i know how it feels to have loved ones live far off. they will always hold a special place in your heart, no matter how far away.

    like your new layout btw!:)

  3. Having good girlfriends is invaluable, and distance will make you guys come up with creative ways of staying in touch.

    If they live in the same country mix CDs and carefully packed cookies (I’m a geek) can fair really well in the mail. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but getting a package in the mail put together by friends is an incredbily heartwarming experience.

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I too am prepping to become part of the departed ones who take off to new postings. Yikes!

  5. @ brookem – thank you!! I’m a fan of the excessive pink myself!

    @ undercover celebrity – wow, thank you very much. I definitely will be looking back at this post for sure, especially when they’re gone.

    @ kyla bea – those are fantastic ideas. I might have to pilfer them and use them…

    @ another twentysomething – you’re very welcome! Thank YOU for that post you wrote on sleepovers- it really summed up one of the glorious things about being a girl.

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