One hundred little things…

I wish I could take credit for this idea: alas, it’s been done many-a-times before on blogs like mine, but hey; it’s a great one so let’s keep it going!

1) I am obsessed with the colour red. I wear it every day – seriously every day. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean I’m not wearing it.
2) I’m 5’2 – but so constantly in heels that I scare/surprise people with my ‘party trick’.
3) My ‘party trick’ involves me taking off one shoe and proclaiming “this is me with shoes” – drops down 2-3 inches – “and this is me without shoes”. It gets laughs every time.
4) The main reason I flirt is because at the time I’m bored.
5) I’ve grown up in several different countries on several different continents; and a few islands too.
6) Why? Well because I am a diplobrat.
7) I blame coffee for stunting my growth – however I am average height for someone with my background.
8) My mom’s from the South Pacific region of Asia. My dad is white.
9) I am literally a slave to my music.
10) I am addicted to Dog the Bounty Hunter.

11) I can’t cook – but I can sure as hell bake.
12) I have 2 replica WW1 and WW2 posters above my bed.
13) I am addicted to internet shopping.
14) 2 summers ago my dryer took a day to dry clothing, all the while making the loudest noise you could possibly imagine coming from an appliance. So I waited until the last possible minute to turn it on in the morning and managed to run out of my apartment.
15) I really don’t know how I’ve managed to survive myself.
16) If I am really lazy – I don’t do laundry. I just buy new clothes.
17) I still do that with panties.
18) Speaking of which, I keep them in a hat box instead of a drawer.
19) I’m really good at pretending to listen to people when I’m actually going over what I have to do/haven’t done that day.
20) I have a red load for my laundry.

21) I exercise constantly – but eat poorly.
22) I don’t have a favourite food – but I eat a lot of cereal.
23) I make a mean bowl of cereal.
24) I think Booster Juice is the greatest invention of our time.
25) My jeans hang in my closet from lightest to darkest – all other pants I really don’t care.
26) I have a growing obsession with Aveda hair and body products.
27) I am a serious hockey fan. It’s just a bonus that the players are so damn sexy.
28) I’m pretty sure I have ADHD.
29) I have a learning disability.
30) I seriously considered sewing my mitts to my jacket for the winter time, but then I’d be one of those kids.

31) Every so often I feel as if I am a 50 year old trapped in a 22 year olds body.
32) I have more older friends than friends my age.
33) I hate living with people.
34) Instead of removing nail polish with liquid remover, I just let it chip off.
35) I used to wish that I could change my full name – now I love it and most of my nicknames.
36) I have a fetish for shampoo and conditioner pairs.
37) I believe that shoes are God’s gift to women.
38) I believe that God is a woman – because there is also God that is a man.
39) I have an intense hatred for stupidity – not ignorance, because ignorant people truly don’t know any better. Stupid people do.
40) I hated dating – but loved the single life.

41) I carry with me at least 2 lip-chap sticks with me at all times; if I don’t have one I buy one.
42) I was the ugly kid.
43) I still don’t think I’m all that attractive: People seem to think otherwise and mistake my opinion for a sorry-attempt at being humble.
44) My father is the most interesting man I’ve ever met; but I’d still like to meet Christian Bale.
45) Batman is my favourite superhero.
46) I only eat pancakes either at home or at my greasy spoon diner next to the highway.
47) I hate taking the bus; I prefer the train.
48) I have an irrational and petrifying fear of flying.
49) I belong to a sorority. I don’t tell a lot of people because they assume that I’m one of those girls, like in the movies. Unfortunately those movies do a pretty accurate description of some of the girls I’ve met.
50) The area that I study in university is the love of my life.

51) Seriously I don’t think I’m all that attractive. I’m not being facetious.
52) I only go shopping for clothing by myself. I feel bad purchasing clothing in front of other people.
53) Shoe shopping – however – is a totally different story.
54) I have kindergarten teacher handwriting.
55) I learned to write at the same time I was learning how to use chopsticks. I amalgamated the two.
56) I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.
57) I have the craziest girlfriends in the world. And I wouldn’t trade them for the world.
58) The best part about me is my hair. It’s thick and it grows like a weed.
59) My prized possessions include my pair of Manolo Blahniks, my Coach purse and my Fendi sunglasses.
60) I only paid for the Manolo Blahniks.

61) I crack my knuckles on an hourly basis.
62) I have glasses but I never wear them.
63) My nails only seem to grow when I am not constantly watching and willing them to grow.
64) Michael Moore’s “Dude; Where’s My Country” inspired me to go into my field.
65) I guess I should tell you what that field is. I often leave out important pieces of information.
66) I once sprained my wrist opening a jar of applesauce. I wish I were kidding.
67) I’ve never broken a bone in my body.
68) I just knocked on wood. I also throw salt over my left shoulder if I ever spill some.
69) I really hate this number.
70) I’m studying nursing.

71) I have a wicked long-term memory, but damned if I can remember what you told me a minute ago.
72) I sing really loudly in the shower.
73) I love Post-It notes.
74) I hate going to movies with people.
75) I’ve been told that I think I am in a 24 hour shampoo commercial. Sometimes I think they’re right.
76) If I didn’t have to worry about paying off my debts and supporting myself and making a living, I would dance for the rest of my life.
77) I planning on getting, but at the same time am terrified of, laser eye surgery.
78) I can’t drive.
79) No seriously I don’t have my license.
80) I’m 22.

81) As soon as the flavor is gone I spit the gum out.
82) I eat the red ones – of anything – last.
83) I have 2 yoga mats and my yoga bags name is Polka.
84) I name most of my possessions.
85) Whenever I am away from home, I bring my teddy bear to sleep with.
86) That particular teddy bear has no name, despite being 10 years old. How very Holly Golightly of me.
87) My curiosity will be the death of me.
88) I have a terrific audio memory.
89) I can do 8 ‘man’ pushups and way more ‘girlie’ pushups.
90) The fact that ‘girlie’ push ups are referring to the ones done on your knees insults me.

91) I am very witty.
92) I take insults as good as I give them.
93) I trip over flats more often than heels.
94) I can’t eat spaghetti and meatballs without most of the sauce landing on my (always white) clothing.
95) I wear a moonstone necklace almost every day. I feel naked without it.
96) When I am nervous I bite my pinkie finger or my lower lip. I also do this while thinking.
97) I have a very expressive face.
98) I can’t lie. I am probably the worst liar ever.
99) This was really hard to do for me. I keep thinking I forgot something.
100) I probably did. C’est la vie.


~ by Carrie on March 31, 2007.

3 Responses to “One hundred little things…”

  1. Excellent list and I relate to so many of them! (Especially eating cereal, that’s my go-to food) Oh, and I’m 5″2 too, and love high heels, coincidence.. I think not.

  2. Oh I loved your list! It’s great to learn new things like this about bloggers I read:)

    PS- I love hockey/hockey players too!

  3. @ brandy – I live on cereal, especially during exam time. I once read, somewhere, probably on the internet, that if we were to live on one meal for the rest of our lives the best choice would be cereal. And yay for 5’2’s and heels!!

    @ brookem – Thank you! And yay to other intelligent women hockey fans… but who still appreciate the *sigh* appeal of hockey players.

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