Bells & Blues

… do I look like a maid?

I was talking to my boss yesterday about, oddly enough, weddings. Perhaps because he and I are just short of creating a pool as to when the receptionist will get a proposal, or when our other co-worker will have a baby and finally bag her long-long-long term boyfriend. Anyway I had mentioned Angelica’s upcoming nuptuials to Joe in August, of which yours truly is one of her bridesbabes. He brought up that old, awful and oh-so-annoying ‘insult’ of “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride!” to which I responded “Do I look like a maid?”

Again, I guess I’ve been slacking on the memo department, but since when did getting a boyfriend automatically bring up the awkward wedding questions, the proposal dreams and the choice of flowers at the ceremony? And in a place of business, where the majority of employees and maybe 1-2 management are in fact female? Am I missing something – perhaps an emotion that most girlfriends are supposed to have when it comes to weddings and white picket fences?

Another blogger wrote about this not too long ago – how she, at 28, still had no idea of what her perfect wedding would look like. And for that post I wish to thank her. Corporate and I were talking and he brought up the ‘fact’ that “All girls have their perfect wedding planned out from the beginning.” Um… the beginning of what? A relationship? Isn’t that a little freaky? I mean – I got freaked out like nobody’s business when Brunswick got to talking about how I’d raise his children and how we’d be married in a Catholic church in French. It just didn’t make sense to me then and now the concept of planning out such an elaborate event when you never know what tomorrow will bring in a relationship. Seriously; as in the case of Brunswick, one morning he could be making you pancakes and strawberries and walking you to work, and the next day he could be chasing you down the main street of your city calling you a lying cheating waste of space. Why spend all that day-dreaming time on one day when you could spend it dreaming of your future – career wise, friends wise, travel wise, everything wise?

I must admit, however, that I have thought a little about a wedding. Why, Carrie – you ask? Well a few years ago yours truly was engaged… to Corporate. Did I mention that? Yeah… well anyway. The extent of my planning? My dress is Vera Wang. My shoes are Manolo Blahnik, or maybe Christian Loubouitin. Uh… um. My ring is Tiffany’s. And that’s it. Everything else was shades of grey or on my to-do-list after finishing my degree, getting a good job to pay for more school, getting my MA, PhD or even MD. Back in my 18-year-old mind that was what was most important to me – and it still is today. In fact, now in my 22-year-old mind other things have entered the realm of ‘most important to me’ that were not so clear as a know-nothing-know-it-all teenager.

A good point that was brought up in a comment is that most couples, men or women, whatever, think too much of the ceremony and not the actual marriage. What comes after the celebration – when the guests all leave, the food all gone, the presents all open – the reality of married life kicks in. Back in the end of my relationship with Brunswick entering my single summer, my cynical self once though that the smallest pair of handcuffs in the world were wedding rings. And in a sense this is still true.

Corporate is a home-body. He dreams of white picket fences, children (with HIS last name), roots and neighbours, routine and stability. I, on the other hand, am a nomad. A gypsy in the hot-Esmerelda kind of way. I dream of travel, of far away places, of giving back to the world everything it’s given to me and more. Of joining MSF, of lecturing on a little known but so important topic to future generations of those following in my footsteps. Of having former teachers who didn’t believe in me call me DR., and have former teachers who did believe in me celebrate my success as their own. And maybe, after all that, or at the end stages of that, do I begin to accept visions of children and a hint of stability.

To me, a wedding represents both a celebration of a beginning and of an end. Sure I wrote how the Bachlorette Party is a celebration of the end of the single-fling life, but what about a wedding? It is a celebration of the beginning of married life – but what if it’s not what you want? It sometimes seems, maybe only to me and others who’ve experienced twisted forms of relationships, that a wedding means you’re exchanging your freedom for a party and a pretty dress. And to me, my freedom is worth far more than that.

The receptionist at my office seems really happy that she will be getting a proposal. She is more than willing to move to be with her soon-to-be fiance and start a life anew. And to her I say – right on sister. My co-worker wears her engagement ring with pride and brings her man with her whenever she can, and on her spare time plans her wedding with the same force and passion that she does her work. And to her I say – right on sister. Angelica is running a tight ship with dresses, fittings, parties, hair, plans, placement and of course food. And to her I say – right on sister. I will gladly attend, send gifts and stand up at the alter of my girlfriends weddings because it is her choice and I will celebrate it as if it were my own. But it’s not my choice. At least, not yet.

I’ve got too much to do.

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~ by Carrie on March 29, 2007.

5 Responses to “Bells & Blues”

  1. Thanks for mentioning me! This was a truly fantastic post. My thoughts, exactly. I’m so glad to know that someone else feels this way.

  2. I sometimes get a reaction like this when I tell people about my upcoming wedding. That I’m too young, haven’t seen enough of the world, settling down too early. To which I respond that while that’s a marriage for some people, I’m just signing up to have a partner through it all. I am going into this because he makes me a better person and brings out the best in me. If engagements/marriages were a sentence, I think my excitement would stop once the dress came off.

  3. anothertwentysomething – Like my co-worker who’s getting married this year (and who is my age, in fact a bit younger) to you I say: Right on Sister!! YOU’VE decided what’s best for you and I respect that – I’m glad you found a man that makes you happy, because that’s all that matters!

    pink lace and pearls – you’re welcome! thank YOU for your post that inspired mine!

  4. Is it tacky to post on archives? I don’t think so lol

    I definitely agree with Another Twenty Something, that if moving around, going on adventures, and being free to do what you want can be part of marriage! But if you haven’t met someone who wants to participate in that, or doesn’t see the value in that then don’t marry that person!!!

    I’ve been in weird relationships too, and I wholly understand that to be married to some people would be to effectively end ones life. But if you want other things, then find someone who sees the value there, then a wedding could be a celebration.

    If I get married it will be by a judge two weeks from when I get engaged followed by dinner with family. For me, a wedding is superfluous to the union- and I know my boyfriend feels the same way. If someone asks you to marry them and asks you to give up your independence in the same breath, please run in the opposite direction, ok?

  5. @ Kyla Bea – I will for sure run in the opposite direction; that’s what I did from Philippe!!

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