Corporate Calling

So I know I alluded to this post a while back – and I apologize for my tardiness in sharing the story. School and work and life in general have been busy for this City-Socialite. You know how it is! Anyway back to my original point. I’m sure you’re wondering who this Corporate is; I’ve mentioned him a few times over the years but never really got down to the nitty-gritty, which I realize is totally unfair. So here we go.

Corporate and I met in high school. In a school of less than 400 ‘seniors’ (so 9th grade and up) we managed to have only one class together – but that was enough. For the majority of the year he didn’t stand out to me until one day he caught my eye, with what he was wearing no doubt: a white beater that revealed his deliciously toned arms and football physique and immediately I was stricken. The problem was he was so shy that he could barely look at me, let alone say a few words that would lead to a date. Luckily, being a woman, I schemed my way into the good graces of his friends to plant the seed of assurance that yes I liked him and yes I would agree to a coffee date. So coffee we did – and started a romance of three years that until the final goodbye was like a rollercoaster of dizzying highs and terrifying lows.

The re-kindling happened this summer: It started as an innocent phone call on his birthday, I mean, you can’t know and love someone for over 6 years and not call or email on a birthday. I didn’t mean it to be anything more than a ‘hey happy birthday big plans ok bye have fun!’ conversation, especially being in the middle of my man-a-month summer and semi-affair with Toronto. I also told Vegas that we’d never be ‘friends’ seeing as how I neither sleep with nor agree to marry my friends, but I am a classy lady so a phone call was in order.

Emails and phone calls followed but I didn’t make a big deal out of it – curiosity is common with ex’s and whatnot – Until he asked me out for dinner. A part of me wanted to say no – He had asked for me back a few times already but I was having too much fun, ridiculous or otherwise, to deal with a former lover during the summer. But when September rolled around I thought ‘hey, free dinner AND I get to pick where!’, so after my yoga class on a bright and breezy Saturday morning, I called Corporate back and agreed to meet at an Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have a good time. We spoke with ease and joked like old times, he looked good but I looked better. Except at the end of the night he confessed his ulterior motive, even though I could tell by the way he was looking at me. Again I said no and immediately lost my appetite for my caramel drenched pastry dessert. Truth of the matter was I loved him still, but I needed someone who lived in the same city as me, not 2 hours away and potentially 4 by the end of this school year. Deflated and defeated, he agreed to drive me home as the bill was settled and the last of my cosmo passed my lips.

On the drive home he was silent; not unusual for a man who just got rejected but was trying to put a brave and gentlemanly face on, but something told me that he had something to say but couldn’t – So I let my instinct decided for me as I told him to pull over somewhere so we could talk. As the night got darker and darker we spoke: not about us, but about everything: Life, school, goals, the future, parents, friends… And then it started to rain. As I started to wonder exactly what time it really was, Corporate reached over and started to tickle me to ease the air of the past heavy topics. I laughed and squirmed to try and get away, but somehow, with the rain pouring down on his silver car, his lips found mine.

A couple of hours later he drove me home. We agreed for him to stop by my apartment the next night before going back home so that we could ‘discuss’ what happened between us. Half of me regretted what I had just done – I mean, I didn’t sleep with him (come ON! In a car? I don’t think so) but – I suppose enough happened to warrant a talk. I immediately called Mackenzie to discuss my options and to form a battle plan to avoid any awkwardness when we’d see each other again.

But the other half of me… well, didn’t regret it. Why should I? It was consensual, it was familiar, and it was hot! But I know that as an adult, or at least of legal age, consequences come with my actions – and this time around my consequence was having to talk about what happened with Corporate. It was Mackenzie came up with the battle plan: don’t sleep with him and don’t get back together! And as I organized my closet out of frustration I decided that it was the best route of action. I mean, what was I thinking?? We weren’t going to get back together, and what was with all this need-for-a-label business? Couldn’t we just call a spade a spade, realize that it had been a long time for the both of us since we felt the others touch, we enjoyed it and now we can move on?

My thoughts echoed this decision as he entered my door and sat on my bed – both of us not knowing what to say or how to act, or even how to feel around each other. So that’s what we did; just sat there.

He left the next morning.

Under normal circumstances I am not one for believing in second chances, let alone an unknown number of second chances that I gave Corporate. However this wasn’t one of ‘those’ situations. My curiosity was overwhelming as this urban relationship myth brought up the universal question of all relationships, be they platonic, intimate or somewhere in between. The question is, of course, can people change?

I am about to find out.


~ by Carrie on March 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “Corporate Calling”

  1. Bella I am SO happy for you!!

  2. Awww your so in love aren’t you awww I’m so happy for you!


    What a nice and wonderful recap. Breathtaking really. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time.

    How is the relationship going now?

    How are you?

    Miss ya!


    P.s is Paris still calling?

  4. […] Duke and I first started seeing each other.   Duke never really came into my mind until after Corporate and I ended our first relationship and my string of men came and went.  When my brother and I chatted in the airport in August of […]

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