The Green Eye’d Monster

Beware, my ladies (and gentlemen!), of jealousy…

I had a nightmare not too long ago about my ex, Pierre. In this dream Pierre had somehow found out, I’m guessing through a mutual friend of ours whom I bumped into during my Festivus shopping extravaganza, that I had gotten back together with Vegas after repeatedly denying Pierre any and all chances of ever getting within 10 feet of yours truly. Anyway, he had found out that Vegas and I were together, and in my dream he was literally chasing me down the street (reminiscent of an argument we once had over Vegas contacting me via email just to see how I was) yelling and screaming at me, saying stuff like “why are you back with HIM?? He broke your heart and I did NOTHING wrong!!” even though the majority of our relationship was emotionally abusive (read; it was like dating a needy, selfish, self-possessed chick who was always right but never satisfied. MEN, I respect you SO much for dealing with that after I experienced my Pierre debacle!).

I tried to run away down the street but he kept following me asking why I hadn’t given him a second chance (which I did; BIG mistake!) and then when I continued to run away he decided to scream “YOU CHEATED ON ME!!!” because I had gotten back with Vegas… over a year after Pierre and I broke up? I don’t know, it’s a dream! Anyway I would sometimes manage to scream back “Leave me alone!!” which I had done in the past and this continues until someone who looked like a senior management personnel and his wife show up (random, I know!) and ask me if I am ok. By this point I am crying, saying “No I am not” but Pierre keeps screaming and calling me names. And then my alarm went off.

I spoke to Mackenzie about this and according to google the most common dreams one can have of an ex is either a)having sex with said ex or b) things like that, but never nightmares. That nightmare got me thinking of Pierre’s and my other ex’s irrational behaviour at times which I think I’ve managed to generally boil down to one reoccuring concept in the men I chose to date: Jealousy. I know that it’s highly unlikely in the general population, but after the past four serious and semi-serious boyfriends, I can’t help but wonder if all men are created equal in respects to their levels of jealousy?

Dont get me wrong here; I know plenty of super-jealous women who go to the extreme to keep their men all to themselves to the point where he is not allowed to have female friends, but being a non-irrational girl, I can only discuss this topic from the point of view that men are the more-jealous of the two, at least when he is in a relationship. With the exception of one boyfriend, let’s call him ‘Ward’, all subsequent boyfriends or semi-serious men in my life have been at one time or another, or all the time, jealous. Now this jealous could extend well beyond the skeezy men you come across in the night-life of a twenty-something into areas of question; ie girls nights out, self-dates, school, me-time? Basically it was as if his jealous crossed over from ‘protective male-instincts’ to ‘creepster chauvinistic-impulses’, both of which are forms of jealousy but are tolerated in completely different ways.

To be fair, the first form of male jealousy, ‘protective male-instincts’, I can understand. I mean, I don’t know how male minds work, and men do. So I guess it makes sense, like the daddy-hates-everyone-who-dates-his-daughter-because-he-knows-how-and-what-guys-think conundrum… and that I don’t and will never mind; in fact, I like it. To me it tells me that a) he’s protective of you, because we all know us girls look for our dad’s in the men we date and eventually marry, and b) he knows you’re hot shit, so he’d better treat you right and show interest in you and the men seeking your attention. No, it’s the second form of male jealousy, ‘creepster chauvinistic-impulses’, that I can’t and will never understand.

Preventing your girlfriend (or boyfriend for that matter) from having a life beyond you is NOT healthy. Nor is it SANE! I mean, really; that whole “one mind” mentality is bullshit. If you are so insecure that you cannot contemplate the fact that your significant other is a person with interests, friends, and a life to live outside of your sphere of influence, then maybe you ought to step back for a second and think of your true intentions of being in a relationship. Pierre was trying to fill a void using me and that is a dangerous game to play because in the end, despite how good of a person you are and all that you try to do, you’re never going to be able to fill that emptiness for that person. A relationship should be symbiotic; equal in giving to and taking of the other with the realization that your significant other gives to all that are in her/his life, be it friends, future friends, family, co-workers, and classmates.

I get that men don’t like to share their women sexually; women don’t like to share their men sexually either! But when that no-sharing policy breeches into your activities of daily living, you gotta stop and think if this is the kind of relationship you want to be in; singular, all-encompassing, and more fit for a Stepford Wife/Husband than a modern Manolo-lite.


~ by Carrie on January 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Green Eye’d Monster”

  1. Ah, jealousy. I think all men have a shade of green in them, and sometimes I think it’s cute. But any man or woman one chooses to be with should make their partners better people- not captives, eh? Down with crazies!

  2. Actually I think the argument could be said towards any man or woman. It’s like you said, if they’re not secure in their own life, they will haunt you. From what I’ve experienced, in a break-up, there is always that one person who feels that if they cant go on, then neither should the rest of the world. It’s actually quite sad (and a tad bit flattering), when you realize just how low some people will sink just to have a mere mortal minute with you, for one last time. The only cure for a broken heart is time, which is a lesson that has to be self-learned. So…it’s nice to know, whether you learned from Pierre’s actions or your own, that jealousy is never a good color. Neither is brick orange, but that’s for another time.

  3. DT: I completely agree, which is why I added the (and gentlemen!) part to the post. I mean, you gotta be fair, right?!

    You’re right; it is a bit flattering when you see just how far someone would go to be with you, but at the same time jealousy works the opposite way you want it to.

    And yes; brick orange IS a terrible colour!

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