The Champagne Year

Tomorrow is my birthday, a day to sit back and reflect upon the year that has passed to see where I was, where I have been, and most importantly what I actually did and what I didn’t do. At 22, although I’m still uncomfortable at giving up 21, I admit that I do not have an enormous wealth of knowledge of live, but from what I’ve learned during my short hour upon the stage that is life is that life is short, fleeting, and will pass you by before you even know it.

Isn’t it funny how many people don’t, or refuse, or neglect, or even forget to do something, or hum and haw at another, wasting precious time thinking of excuses that prevents them from doing the very thing they are trying so hard to avoid? Well… I think I’ve come up, well not really, but I’ve got a solution of some sorts to this little dilemma… at least for me. This solution is related to the impending arrival of my Champagne Year.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a Champagne Year please allow me to elaborate: the Champagne Year is the year you turn the age of the day that you were born. So, for example I was born on the 24th, therefore my Champagne Year runs from September 2008 to September 2009, in other words, the year that I am 24. So as of today I have exactly 2 years to decide what, when, where and how I will spend my Champagne Year… oh, and how the hell I am going to pull it all off. My current guestimate is I will be entering either my final year of undergraduate studies, or have graduated already and maybe started some post-grade education or work. Either way, 24 is a great age, almost ideal to have as a Champagne Year.

The Champagne Year, for me at least, is like a marker: not set, as it is unique depending on the person celebrating, it’s not scary like the dreaded quarter-life or mid-life crisis, and not as final as 50, or whatever age finishes the “____ is the new _____” sentence. The Champagne Year is meant to celebrate you in every way you can imagine. As the creaters of the “Totally Unique Thought” website say “Thoughts become things….” and trust me, you’ll want to think about this.

I must admit that the idea of a Champagne Year is not entirely mine… or really, not mine at all. No, that idea came from a friend of mine after spending his 24th year travelling and seeing the world. Fitting, as on benefit of travelling at any time broadens ones horizons, exposes one to new cultures, and let’s not forget about the shopping. Understanding all of this, my obvious choice for my Champange Year is to travel, which should come as no surprise. Europe is the hot bed for 20 something travellers either just beofre, in between or just after our education. With so many places to choose from, one could get lost in deciding where to go, where to stay, what to see and of course, where to shop. But after about a year of careful consideration I have decided where in Europe I will spend, at least one week of my Champagne Year, in Paris France.

Why Paris? Well… to be honest the closest I’ve been to France is that little bakery in the Market off of Dalhousie, or my manicure that I’ve already managed to ruin. I’d also like to explore and experience the so-called ‘city of love’ for myself; walk the streets of paris in ridiculously high heels, eat those famous French pasteries, smoke those fabulous French cigarettes, climb… well gaze up at the Eifel Tower, tour the Louvre, complete that Da Vinci tour and but of course, visit the accessories at Chanel. Going to Paris like this has been in my head for the past 5 years and as a result it is something that I’ve always wanted to do … something that I would like to do, and I can think of no better time than to do something like this than a Champagne Year.

The entire idea behind the Champagne Year is to do stuff like this, stuff that in the dull reality of the ‘real world’ you would hum and haw over. The Champagne Year is a year of doing, of celebrating, of living your life the way you wish you could live. It may even be a jump start into a better state of mind. Maybe afterwards I and anyone else ‘Champagning’ out there won’t want, or will not want to stop living life to it’s fullest. And seriously, I can’t think of a better gift to give to oneself for a Champagne Year.


~ by Carrie on September 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “The Champagne Year”

  1. Hi Carrie — just came across this post in a Google search for “Champagne Year” and realized you’re now in the thick of it. I hope your dreams are coming true. 🙂

  2. how was yer champagne year?., i was searching about st. vincent’s song champagne year and found yours. mabuhay!.,

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