Brains versus Beauty…

Since when did we have to choose?

I have been asking myself lately, among other things, if there really are women in this world whos sole purpose is to make us feel bad about ourselves? The only answer I have been able to come up with is “maybe”, but recently I have been encountering women whos sole purpose in life is making me question mine.

As far as I am concerned, a defining characteristic of the modern Manolo-female is her intelligence. In fact, these days you are more likely to encounter a female on a university campus than a male and soon enough, most of us will be working for a modern Manolo-female instead of a male. On the outside she appears to have it all: an intelligent mind to match her sexy body and she remains what us twenty-something Manolo-lites are striving to be not only for ourselves but for men as well. I was under the impression that smart was sexy; but why then, given the choice of a smart, sexy Manolo-lite, do some men still prefer the pretty little airhead immortalized by the likes of Pamela Anderson and Jessica Simpson? It seems to me that although the modern man professes the desire for a competent, ambitious and driven woman, he continues to prefer the company of a scatterbrained, yet gorgeous female. I can’t help but wonder why, when given the choice between sexy and smart and just sexy… why do men still go for just sexy?

I have a friend, let’s call her “Daisy”, who embodies the definition of the “Just Sexy” female. She is tall, skinny, blonde, beautiful, and has the habit of saying the most mindblowingly odd things you could possibly imagine. Although carefree and charismatic, her knowledge of current events, street smarts, common sense and educational topic of choice is not her forte. And yet, for one reason or another that I have yet to figure out, she manages to have four men, four really great men gravel at her feet and answer her every beck and call. So why is that?

According to, modern men should raise their personal standards and expectations in their search for the perfect girlfriend. She should be smart, sexy, sweet, ambitious, self-reliant, independent and mature; the kind of woman you would find at a library, museam or cultural event but who is not adverse to the odd sporting event and a pitcher or two of beer. However, despite the aformentioned qualities deemed necessary in a female, these so called modern men still flock towards the young, fun and intellectually numb women they find at the bars, the clubs, the malls or wherever else they congregate in mass numbers. So why is that we, as Manolo-lites are told to be smart, sexy, sweet, ambitious, self-reliant, independent and mature when the hot, fun, scatterbrained girls are attracting and getting all the guys?

Now I am not saying that my friend is stupid. On the contrary, she is actually quite clever. She has everything a Manolo-lite wants without all of that hard work. And although this situation is quite frustrating, fear not my lovely Manolo-lites: there is a gold lining to this charade. The way I see it is, whatever man, modern or not, who would lower his expectations in a woman for the moment is doing just that: for the moment, which leaves us with the men who appreciate brains in a partner just as much as beauty. As annoying as it is to watch every available guy at the bar gravitate towards your pretty clueless girl friend, true Manolo-lites shouldn’t waste our time with men who can’t handle our minds as well as they can handle our bodies, nor should we settle for one or the other. The “Just Sexy” female gets them easily, but nothing worth having comes easy.

So, on behalf of all Manolo-lites, I would like to thank all the “Just Sexy” females. Next time you and your girl friends are out on the town and your “Just Sexy” friend is getting the most attention, remember this: think of her as your Darwinian card: by attracting and being naturally selected by the low-riding men who are looking for either a trophy or a good time but not necessarily a long time, allow the good, intellectually superior females to find the good, intellectually superior males who require a higher form of stimulation than a pretty face, a nice rack and a gullible yet trusting mind. They just make our search simpler by weeding out the population of men better suited to a “Just Sexy” female versus men better suited to a Manolo-lite. So yes, maybe there are women out there whos sole purpose in life is to make us question ourselves… but only for the moment.


~ by Carrie on June 18, 2006.

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